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It’s been five years since Kate Middleton became Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge (aka Princess Kate) and caught the world’s eye for wearing, of all things, nylon stockings. Fashion gurus near and far were baffled that a young woman like Catherine would make pantyhose an outfit standard. Fashion wannabes wondered what would happen if they nonchalantly started wearing pantyhose—which would be a first for many Millennials who have never donned a pair. Here in the States, pantyhose fell out of fashion in the 80s, just when many corporate dress policies turned casual and women grew weary of multi-layering. For several decades, pantyhose were worn only by older women . . . or by female students at ultra-conservative Christian colleges with formal dress codes. But in recent years, pantyhose sales have been on the rise, with credit going at least in part to the royal style maven. (Perhaps we should credit Christian colleges with keeping pantyhose companies afloat since the 80s?) Erin Straza and Hannah Anderson have a light-hearted talk about the pantyhose trend as well as their own hosiery experiences, fashion preferences, and style troubles in this ounce of Persuasion fast chat.

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The guys return to the magical world of J.K. Rowling as they review Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them, searching for the elusive creature known as the Good Franchise Sequel. Do they succeed at catching one? They also spend some time on the latest awards-season film to receive critical buzz, Barry Jenkins's Moonlight, which focuses on the coming of age of a young gay man in Miami's inner city.

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Tyler and Drew chat with Daniel Motley about his recent article Proclaiming a Better Way: Christian Community After the Election. We discuss the divide in our country over the recent election and how we might strive to find common ground with those we disagree with politically as well as how we might speak the truth in love. We close out the podcast with some practical tips for Christians in terms of interacting charitably with their families over the holidays.  

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Thanksgiving is here. November is typically a month filled with the warmth of autumnal celebrations and everything pumpkin spice. But this year, there’s a palpable heaviness, an almost collective depression across our nation. Whether it’s from the roller-coaster election season or troubles brewing in our society, gratitude is hard to muster. Typically Thanksgiving is ushered in via those daily gratitude posts on social media, but even those seem to be in short supply this year. In this ounce of <em>Persuasion,</em> Erin Straza and Hannah Anderson peel apart the reason for Thanksgiving and the ways we can cultivate gratitude even in dark times. Hope is drawn from history, when Abraham Lincoln re-instituted Thanksgiving during the Civil War. Certainly those dark days made it difficult for U.S. citizens to have a happy Thanksgiving, yet Lincoln was wise to call our country to give thanks. Today, although we may not feel the warm fuzzies of Thanksgiving in our hearts, we have reason to practice the discipline as a sort of national liturgy. As difficult as it may be to feel gratitude, we are all in desperate need of Thanksgiving this year.

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In the aftermath of Election 2016, evangelicals are experiencing an identity crisis. Voting tallies show Donald Trump’s win was greatly swayed by white evangelicals. Some Christians are rejoicing over the outcome, but many are disillusioned. Frustration stems from the vast discrepancies many see between the gospel and the stances and policies that Trump has been so vocal about during the campaign. But if a large portion of Trump’s support flows from self-proclaimed evangelicals, those who do not support Trump are left wondering if the evangelical label is one worth claiming or clarifying. In this episode of Persuasion, Erin Straza and Hannah Anderson raise two taboo topics in polite conversation: politics and religion. But such discussions are necessary to sort out the evangelical identity crisis many Christians are dealing with after the election. What options do #NeverTrump Christians have? Some have quickly distanced themselves from the evangelical label. Others are debating its true definition and seeking to redefine it in more palatable terms. As much as we may desire to disown the evangelical identity, it represents a part of the Christian body, one in great need of discipleship and understanding. Although it would be easier to walk away, Christians cannot simply deny their roots. A better way forward is to help the U.S. Church through its identity crisis and mature as Christ’s Bride.

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