Christ and Pop Culture (digest)

Each week Drew Dixon and Tyler Burns interview a CaPC writer about a recent article they have authored in order to go deeper into the subject matter. This week Derek Hiebert joins the duo to talk about his article, Ready Player Oneand the Escape From Reality. What are the practical considerations for immersive entertainment like VR? How do we set an example for the family when we are ostensibly cut off from them even though we are in the same room? Is there inherent value in escapism and entertainment to be had in mediums like VR, video games, and other digital media that exists to take you out of our reality and into another one? 

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Drew Dixon is joined by Abby Perry and Kathryn Watson to discuss the conflicting ideas of "manhood" in evangelicalism from their co-authored article, Rearing Boys to Be Peacemakers in a World Bent on War. Written as a response to the Federalist's Jesse Kelly's article Why A Good Father Prepares His Sons For War, the trio talk about their own experiences raising boys, their collective experience in the western church on how manhood is represented, and what "masculinity" means to them regardless of social expectations. 

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Drew and Tyler chat Gina Dalfonzo about her recent article “I, Ashley: We’re Still Imposing the Harding-Kerrigan Narrative on Young Female Skaters.” We discuss the double standard present in sports fandom with regard to how people tend to react to vocal female athletes compared to male athletes. We also discuss how we treat athletes and react to their failures and successes.

Drew and Tyler chat with Hal Koss about his recent article “Lady Bird Offers Us an Antidote for Our Cultural Homesickness.” We discuss the ultimately hopeful message of Lady Bird. We also chat about the impact our places of origin have had on us and the connection between love and attention.

Drew and Tyler are back in 2018 with CaPC writer Justin Cloyd to chat about his recent article “The Relatable Longings of Stranger Things and This is Us“. The discussion covers the concept of longing in both shows while the hosts share their thoughts on both series in general, and their hopes for these two shows going forward.

This episode finds Drew and Tyler reflecting on Kendrick Lamar with R. S. Naifeh. R.S. penned an article for Christ and Pop Culture entitled, Kendrick Lamar's Real God which discusses a reversal of a popular Christian saying, "God is Real". The phrase Lamar uses, “real is God,” comes from Kendrick’s first major studio album, Good Kid, MAAD City. 

The discussion that follows breaks down the theology of Kendrick Lamar and how it can appear from different cultural perspectives. Songs like, "Alright," are examined to show how the formative years of Kendrick influenced his influential work.

How we consume entertainment and what we glean from it wraps up the discussion on Kendrick Lamar.

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Special guest Val Dunham returns to the show to talk about the atypical representation of love in the Netflix Original Atypical. There is phrase used in the community of autistic parents and family members, "If you know one person who has autism, you know one person who has autism." The disability is something that varies in presentation from person to person making the goal of representation in dramatic television a challenge. Drew and Tyler talk with Val about her review of the show and how the oversimplification of of "love is a verb" is detrimental to Christians and all viewers can be. While the show is far from perfect with critics praising and lambasting, Val finds merit in the characters and the nuance found within that she can relate to as the mother of an autistic child.


20 years later Radiohead's album OK Computer still manages to feel fresh  and relevant to today's social media, quick to react culture. The new "I Promise" track from the album that has languished in the unreleased catalog of the band, was released with a new music video that Cameron McAllister talks about with Drew and Tyler in this week's episode. 

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Drew and Tyler chat with Rebecca Calhoun about her recent article, Moving Past the Purity Movement. We discuss our personal experiences with the purity movement and the lessons we have learned since then. We discuss the importance of making sure our teaching is marked by grace as well as how to encourage honest yet gracious conversations about sex in our churches and Christian communities.

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Drew and Tyler chat with Jonathan Edwards about his recent article The Tragedy of Family ‘Fences.’ We discuss the recent Viola Davis and Denzel Washington film and its depiction of fatherhood. We discuss the film’s take on the destructive and deceptive power of sin. We also discuss how the gospel changes our perspective on family, even our family members who have most deeply betrayed us.

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Tyler and Drew chat Jen Pollack Michel about her recent article “For the Love of S-Town” in which she reflects on the popular new podcast S-Town about a complex individual from a small rural town in Alabama and his complex relationship with his town. We discuss the importance of taking steps to actively love and empathize with people from places we find difficult and broken. We discuss the way the show humanized all its characters and even the way Brian Reed grew to appreciate them. 

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Tyler and Drew chat with Brad Williams about his recent article Stop Trying to Be a Man and Start Trying to Be a Good Man. We discuss some of the extra biblical definitions of manhood that are floating around the church as well as how we might encourage Christian men who might not fit the stereotype. Finally, Brad challenges us to ultimately pursue Christlikeness by pursuing peace, justice, and self-sacrificial love.  

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Tyler and Drew chat with Chat Ashby about his recent article Dave Eggers’s The Circle: A Social Media Dystopia. We discuss the importance of privacy and our need to be truly known. We also discuss our investment in social media, Facebook in particular and how we might navigate that space more responsibly and Christianly.  

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Drew and Tyler chat with Cameron McAllister about his recent article “A Question I Hope Ronda Rousey is Asking Right Now.” We chat about MMA and Rousey’s recent failures and what we can learn about confronting our own fear of failure. We also discuss how they gospel shapes our thinking about ourselves and keeps us from having to constantly worry about being found a fraud. We also briefly discuss the ethics of MMA.

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Tyler and Drew chat with Gina Dalfonzo about her recent article, “Gotta Dance: La La Land and Singing’ in the Rain Celebrate Calling and Creativity.” We discuss whether the film is as good as advertised and what it has to say about love, family, work, and creativity. We discuss the importance of work and how we can help one another engage it faithfully.

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Tyler and Drew chat with Matthew Loftus about his recent article “Nothing is New Under the Black Mirror.” We chat about the human tendency to use technology in destructive ways. We talk about what Black Mirror has to say about the state of discourse in our country as well as how we might cultivate a greater awareness and understanding of technology’s reach and influence in our lives.

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Tyler and Drew chat with Collin Huber about his recent article “Cooked, Slow Food, and the Allure of Beauty.” We discuss the recent Netflix Documentary series Cooked, the slow food movement. We also discuss the ethics of what we eat and how we cook. We chat about how food relates to us image bearers and how eating and cooking provide opportunities for worship and ministry.  

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Drew and Tyler chat with Stephen Addcox about the hit HBO show Westworld. We discuss the ethical dilemmas the show brings up. We discuss its handling of suffering and love as well as the difficulties of a world where anything goes.

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Tyler and Drew chat with Nana Dolce about her recent article “Ava DuVernay’s 13th Explores the Troubling Roots of Mass Incarceration. We discuss the 13th, a recent documentary on our nation’s problem of mass incarceration and the systemic injustice at its roots. We discuss how we might pursue repentance, serve in our prison systems, and start productive conversations about justice in our communities and churches.

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Tyler and Drew chat with Daniel Motley about his recent article Proclaiming a Better Way: Christian Community After the Election. We discuss the divide in our country over the recent election and how we might strive to find common ground with those we disagree with politically as well as how we might speak the truth in love. We close out the podcast with some practical tips for Christians in terms of interacting charitably with their families over the holidays.  

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Drew and Tyler chat Abby Perry about her recent article, “This Is Us and the Dignity of Human Emotion.” We chat about NBC’s new drama “This Is Us” and its unique handling of human emotion. We chat the value of our emotions in relationship with our neighbor and with God. And we also talk about our emotions regarding our country’s presidential election.

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Drew and Tyler chat with Gina Dalfonso about her article, “Loving My Prodigal Country.” We chat about the Christian’s responsibility to country. We discuss how we can love our country without making it into an idol as well as the dangers of blind nationalism. We discuss these things in light of the recent protests sparked by Colin Kaepernick and the contentious political season we find ourselves in.

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Drew and Tyler chat with Blain Grimes about comics and his recent article “New Super-Man Reinvents the Superhero Redemption Story.” We discuss Gene Luen Yang’s new run of Superman, his unique approach to the superhero story arch, and the value of diverse voices in media. 

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Tyler and Drew chat with Rachel Horner Stark about her recent article, “Obama, Cosby, and America’s Black Family.” We discuss Obama’s policies and his family values. We discuss the example he has set as a husband and father and how that compares to the family values of current political candidates. We chat about the importance of recognizing truth and goodness in others when it is apparent as well as how we might promote gospel values when they are not shared or even contradicted in the political realm.

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Tyler Burns is running the show with special guest Val Dunham as they talk about her article on Christ and Pop Culture, "Baylor's Need for a Lingering Repentance." The duo talk about the situation at Baylor University, the consequences that can arise from a male dominated sport that has been turned into an industry, and the moral conviction of Baylor that is sorely needed in the wake of the sexual abuse scandal that has engulfed the school. 

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Tyler and Drew chat with Amanda Martinez Beck about her recent article: Real God, Messy People: Christians and ABC’s ‘The Real O’Neals’. We chat about the church’s current uneasy relationship with LGBT people, the scandalous grace of God in the gospel, and the importance of listening to and learning from our neighbors.


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This episode of the CaPC Digest finds the group defending the idea that politicians are people too. Staff writer Amanda Wortham joins host Drew Dixon to talk about the idea that underneath the rhetoric, the policies, and personas we see of our favorite (or hated) politicians, they are still created in the image of God and as such are worthy of dignity. How we talk about politicians, celebrities, and even Christian leaders within our families, friends and even our children reflect the attitude of our hearts. 

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Tyler and Drew chat with E. Stephen Burnett about Spider-Man’s entrance into the wider Marvel Universe films and his previous films. We discuss Peter Parker’s story arc and spiritual battles throughout the first films with Toby Maguire and onto the current iteration in Captain America: Civil War with only a few light Jesus Jukes.

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Tyler and Drew chat with Val Dunham about her recent article “In the NFL Draft, Does Function Trump Value?” We talk about the ups and downs of the draft and discuss the ramifications of the very intimate and personal way we get to know prospects in the draft process. We chat about what that means for football going forward and how we as Christians should view professional athletes from a Christian perspective.

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Tyler and Drew chat with David Roark about Hill Song’s influence on the church and modern corporate worship. We talk about how to balance artistic excellence with communal worship.

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Tyler and Drew chat with S.D. Kelly about Drew Barrymore’s recent divorce after which she claimed, “We are still family.” We talked about the privilege with which celebrities talk about marriage and family. We also discuss the difficulty with defining marriage and family in a culture that lacks clear grounding on these things. 

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Drew and Tyler host CaPC Digest 1st time guest Joy Beth Smith as the trio goes deeper into her article on The Bachelor is a fairy tale and how J.R.R. Tolkien would have loved the show, probably. a show she has watched as a guilty pleasure for the last decade.

J.R.R. Tolkien once made a defense of fairy tales that were criticized for being only for children, with nothing beneficial for more mature readers. One of the secondary beliefs that Tolkien cited, was the ability to suspend reality and by doing so show us something of our own world in a unique setting. To be able to tell a story that is ultimately believable but not necessarily set in the world we know.

Joy Beth submits that The Bachelor is a fairy tale labeled as reality TV. You have to believe that 20 women who are beautiful and between the ages of 21 and 30 are vying for the affection of a man. Horse rides, hot tubs, ocean swimming and other elements make people believe that all the women are madly in love with this “Prince Charming”.

Then how does The Bachelor as a fairy tale present itself for Christians to process? After mentioning Drew's older article on The Bachelor, the trio talks about the implications of the elements of the show such as sexuality. How does passion present itself in culture and within the church? How does the church hold that sexuality is something that should be denied until marriage and then suddenly "activated" for marriage?

This and more is all in this episode of the CaPC Digest.

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Tyler and Drew chat with Chad Ashby about his recent article, “Socialism’s Lonely Eden.” We chat about our country current fascination with socialism and how it relates to a Christian worldview. We chat about the roots, benefits, and problems with socialism, libertarianism, conservatism, and capitalism—all the isms really. We discuss how the gospel transcends all these isms and challenge Christians not to pigeonhole themselves or others into one but rather to focus on love of God and love of neighbor.

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Drew and Tyler chat with Luke T. Harrington about the problems with open letters. We discuss a particularly interesting past open letter that Luke wrote that you won’t want to miss. We also chat about the economic concerns surrounding a particular batch of open letters that have recently been circulating the inter webs

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Drew and Tyler chat with Luke T. Harrington about the problems with open letters. We discuss a particularly interesting past open letter that Luke wrote that you won’t want to miss. We also chat about the economic concerns surrounding a particular batch of open letters that have recently been circulating the inter webs

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Drew and Tyler chat with Amanda Beck about Oprah’s recent ads for Weight Watchers and how the church has handled issues of health, weight, and obesity. We chat about how our culture has influenced the church in these arenas and how the church should can strive to value and celebrate the gifts of people of all shapes.

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Drew and Tyler chat with Amanda Wortham about The Office’s Jim and Pam—their relationship, romance, and marriage. We chat about the nature of romance and how marital faithfulness is depicted in pop culture. We dig into what makes Jim and Pam’s relationship special and what Christians can learn from it in their marriages and relationships.

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The expectations of the NFL quarterback and Cam Newton is up for discussion in Episode 43 of the CaPC Digest. Tim Briggs joins Drew Dixon and Tyler Burns to talk about Cam Newton's behavior in the post-Super Bowl press conference. The trio explore the public perception of the polarizing figure while providing context for Cam Newton, contrasting him against Peyton Manning's behavior in victory and defeat. The conversation reminds us to take into account the Biblical mandate to rejoice with those who are rejoicing and how to not make spectacles of our fellow human beings like Cam Newton and other NFL quarterbacks. 

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Drew and Tyler chat with Wade Bearden about his recent interview with Dean Strang, one of Steven Avery’s defense attorney’s as seen in Netflix’s original documentary series, Making a Murderer. We chat about some of the shortcomings in our justice system, how our system is bent to fail certain people, and what it looks like not only to long for but also to advocate for justice in a Christlike manner.

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Drew and Tyler chat with Alan Noble, editor-in-chief of Christ and Pop Culture about His recent article, How Trump Happened: The Wages of Fear and Brave Way Forward. We talk about the problems Trump’s success has exposed, speculate about how much his popularity has hurt the credibility of the Republican party and what conservative evangelicals should be pushing for going forward. We also chat about how Christians might begin educating the next generation toward a more compassionate, more Christian form of political engagement.

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Drew and Tyler chat with Stephen Addcox about the longing for a better world that is present both in pop culture’s handling of virtual reality as well as in virtual reality technology itself. We chat about the advent of Virtual Reality technology like the Oculus Rift, its potential to take us to brave new worlds and to take us, unhelpfully out of the real one. We chat about what a thoughtful and discerning yet hopeful engagement of this new tech might look like.

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Drew and Tyler chat with Matthew Loftus about the assumptions many have about the Black Lives Matter movement. We talk about how we should respond to those assumptions with grace and truth. We also discuss what Christians can and should learn from the movement as well as the reforms we can and should support with regard to police oversight.

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Drew Dixon and Tyler Burns are joined by former CaPC Digest host, Brad Williams to discuss Star Wars: The Force Awakens. The trio talk about the appeal of the dark side, the insositencies of the Jedi and how love, anger and how the lack of a fist bump caused Anakin and Kylo turned to the dark side. 

NOTE - This episode contains HEAVY spoilers for Star Wars: The Force Awakens. 

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Drew and Tyler chat with Cray Allred about the Philadelphia 76ers and their commitment to lose basketball games. We talk about the ethics of deliberate losing and the importance of learning to be content in all circumstances.

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Drew and Tyler chat with D.L. Mayfield about the final Hunger Games film, Mocking Jay Part 2. We chat about how the film challenged us to acknowledge the suffering of others, we chat about our nations current Dystopia, swap stories about what we learned about the end times growing up, and discuss the importance of acknowledging and engaging real world suffering.

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Drew and Tyler chat with Val Dunham about her recent column: Touchdown Jesus: Peyton Manning Is Like a Breath, His Days a Fleeting Shadow. We talk about the temporal nature of our human bodies, our fascination and objectification of the bodies of elite athletes, and the inherent value of the body. We also talk about the toll contact sports often take on our bodies and consider what it looks like to think Christianly about sports which damage the human body.

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Drew and Tyler chat with Nathan Valle about his recent article "When Serving The Government Gets in the Way of Serving God." We chat about the danger of conflating American interests with kingdom work. We relate Nathan's article to the current Syrian refuge crisis and talk about what it looks like to cultivate a kingdom mindset about these things.
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Drew is joined by co-host Tyler Burns and Luke T. Harrington to talk about one of his regular column pieces.  The crew discusses California yuppies and culture around the organic food store chain including the outrage of the new budget 365 by Whole Foods experiment. The discussion continue to the story of Jesus and the rich young ruler and relating it to the inherent wealth the majority of American's enjoy when compared globally. Internet outrage, online petitions and finding a church that challenges you is all part of this episode of the Digest.

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Drew and Tyler chat with S.D. Kelly about her recent column on the "evangelical" fascination with Donald Trump. We chat about the power and influence of money on Christians and their political leanings, and Christ's teaching on money.

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New co-host, Tyler Burns, joins Drew to geek out with special guest Paul Miller about the new Star Wars trailer and to disect the relationship between Luke and Darth Vader in The Empire Strikes Back. We discuss why the film has such a strong appeal to Christians, its ties to Greek tragedy, and what Christians can learn from it.

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The CAPC Digest #30: Fathers in Videogames with Jonathan Clauson

This week, Managing Editor, Tyler Glodjo joins Drew to chat with Jonathan Clauson about his recent article, “Fathers in Videogames: Seeing Ourselves on Screen.” They chat about how fathers are generally portrayed in media and what we can learn from this. We argue about whether or not Joel from The Last of Us is a selfish jerk and close by sharing our favorite game dads and what we have gained from them.



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This week, Drew chats with Hannah Anderson about the TV series Broadchurch and what we can learn from it about the value of confession, not just personally before God but communally between one another in the church. We consider how we might cultivate vulnerable relationships with others in the church and even how we might encourage pastors to practice and benefit from communal confession.

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This week, Drew and Brad chat with Matthew Loftus about his recent article, “How to Defund Planned Parenthood.” We talk about what it means to be truly pro-life, the challenges that would arise were Planned Parenthood to be defunded and how Christians might show love to their neighbors who are exploited through our current healthcare system.

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This week, Drew chats with Little Rock Police Officer Tommy Norman and staff writer Mary McCampbell about how Tommy has shown self-sacrificial love to the people of inner city Little Rock. We chat about how we can earn the respect of others by listening to them so that we might actively serve them.

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This week, Drew and Brad chat with staff writer Ethan McCarthy about the high human cost of sports and the tricky business of reform. We chat about how the recent massive scandal that has rocked the world’s largest sports organization, FIFA, illustrates, in its own way, the realities of human sinfulness and the value of dying to self.

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This week, Brad is back with Drew to chat with Staff Writer, E. Stephen Burnett about his article “Challenging the Culture of Troublesome ‘Discernment’ Blogging”. Stephen shares about the culture of discernment blogging and how we might watch out for its pitfalls. We also talk about the rules of internet discourse and the care with which Christians should practice discernment.

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This week, Drew chats with features writer Amber Stamper about her article “I am Atticus”: Racism and Vision in Harper Lee’s Go Set a Watchman. We chat about Harper Lee’s new novel, its critical reception and what Christians can learn from it. We chat about how Christians might open themselves up to those who are different from them and listen to them so that they might participate in Christ’s kingdom work of reconciliation.

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This week, Podcast editor Jonathan Clauson joins Drew for a chat with Amanda Wortham on her article “A Living Sacrifice: The Beauty of a Body Broken for Others.” We chat about balancing the value of beauty with the call to sacrifice ourselves, including our bodies, for the good of our neighbors and the glory of God. We also chat about prevailing attitudes about the body and modesty in the church and how we might begin to have healthy encouraging conversations about what it means to honor God with the temporal bodies God has given us.


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Drew and Brad chat with Wade Bearden about what Christians can learn from the way Jim Gaffigan talks about his faith. We talk about how Christians need to realize that they aren’t experts on everything as well as way Christians might intentionally get out of the “Christian Ghetto.”

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Drew and Brad chat with Luke T. Harrington about his recent Lol Interwebz column about Kickended, a site dedicated to chronicling Kickstarter campaigns that failed to receive a single pledge. We talk about crowd funding and the ethics of laughing at failed crowd funding attempts.

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The CAPC Digest #19: The World Cup and Womanhood with Valerie Dunham

Drew and Brad chat with Valerie Dunham about her experience growing up watching the World Cup and her experience growing up and seeking to understand what it means to be female. We also chat about what the church can learn both from feminism and the soccer community . . . U-S-A! U-S-A! U-S-A!

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Drew and Brad chats with Kyle Worley about the “local” craze, consumption, ecology, waste, and stewarding creation based on Kyle’s article, “Living Local with Slavoj Žižek.”

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Drew chats with staff writer S.D. Kelley, staff writer and co-host of the Persuasion Podcast, about our obsession with reality TV. We talk about the “Christian” reality shows like Duck Dynasty and 19 Kids and Counting and the dangers of trying using Christianity as an evangelistic platform. Both Sarah and Drew confess their interest in reality TV and the guilt that ensues. They talk about the larger problem of celebrity culture and how we are all complicit in it.

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Brad and Drew chat with staff writers Wade Bearden and Kevin McLenithan who are also hosts of the CaPC network podcast, Seeing and Believing. We talk specifically about the thread of hope in Mad Max: Fury Road and the above average cheese burger that is Avengers: Age of Ultron. Wade and Kevin share insight into how Christians should approach film. They also share their most anticipated films yet to be released this summer.

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Brad and Drew chat with Jerry McCorkle of Spread Truth about how the way we share the gospel needs to change. We also talk about the new Pew research study about religion in America and our longing for community.

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Brad and Drew chat with Dave Harrity, author of Making Manifest: On Faith, Creativity, and the Kingdom at Hand, about the value of creativity in the devotional life of Christian as well as the importance of cultivating and reaching out to creative communities.

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Brad and Drew chat with Jeffrey Overstreet about the value of music, Sufjan Stevens, loss, and the personal nature of truthful art.


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Brad and Drew chat with Sarah Kelly how to keep our possessions from possessing us, decluttering, and stewarding creation well.

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Drew and Brad talk to Gospel Coalition editor, Collin Hansen about his new book Blind Spots about the importance of pursuing unity in Christ, the value of community, and the difficulty of identifying our personal blind spots.

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This week we talk with Podcast Alum Erin Straza about the value and challenge of sports and our longing for community.

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Drew Dixon and Brad Williams discuss the ethics of using assault rifles to grill tasty meats.

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Valarie Dunham joins the cast to talk about striving for truly loving communication in light of the rise of new political correctness movements.

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Brad and Drew chat with Christ and Pop Culture's managing editor, Alan Noble, about the Department of Justice's report on racial discrimination on the Ferguson, Missouri, justice system. We chat about how this report illustrates how people on both the left and the right often talk about abortion in ways that devalue black people and how Christians should respond.

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Luke T. Harrington joins the cast to talk about the appeal of Internet Mob justice and the importance of offering grace to those who offend us online.

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D.L. Mayfield and Tyler Glodjo join Drew to talk about the easy-reconciliation narrative repeated in <em>Black or White</em>, the latest Kevin Costner movie.

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Helen Lee joins the cast talk about the new ABC sitcom "Fresh Off the Boat" and her article "My 'Fresh Off the Boat' Dilemma." We talk about the influence of representation in media and what Christians should care it.

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Drew and Brad are joined by Joe Rigney and Derek Rishmawy to talk about Joe's book, "The Things of Earth", and a theology of sports fandom.

Drew Dixon and Brad Williams welcome Richard Clark (Editor-in-Chief) and Cray Allred (Podcast Producer) to announce the forthcoming CAPC Podcast Network, and to discuss the undervalued practice of silence and listening.

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