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Superheroes and politicians dominate the show this week, though both of the films Wade and Kevin are looking at color a bit outside the lines in their portrayals. First up is Glass, M. Night Shyamalan's superhero movie that provides a follow-up to Unbreakablealmost two decades after that film's release. The guys also make sure to review Adam McKay's Vice, now that it is officially a contender for the Best Picture Oscar. Is it worthy of that honor? Listen to find out!

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Kevin's list on Letterboxd

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With their top-10 episode in the rear-view mirror, the guys get back into the groove of things with two films that are still going strong after their release at the end of 2018. First up is Disney's sequel to a certain much-beloved Julie Andrews classic, with Emily Blunt taking up the umbrella to play Poppins. Then Wade and Kevin turn to another Oscar hopeful, Barry Jenkin's adaptation of the James Baldwin novel If Beale Street Could Talk.

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In this super-sized episode, the guys offer their picks for the best films of 2018! The past year has been a crazy one, not least because of the multitude of excellent films to be released. Does Paddington 2 get its due? Do Wade and Kevin continue the wave for First Reformed? Perhaps most importantly of all, where does Gotti fit into all of this? Join us as we watch 2018 take a victory lap!

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Jonathan and crew are back to finish ranking the list of the Top 25 pop culture artifacts from 2018. Joining him is KB Hoyle, Kathryn Freeman, Tyler Burns, Luke T. Harrington, and Tyler Glodjo to mold the list of random entries from 1 to 25. There are passionate pleas to keep Mr. Rodgers down, the Royal wedding on top, and Luke's desire to cancel the list and join Thoreau in the wilderness. Listen as we threaten, cajole, and plead for our personal picks and shape the list for Christ and Pop Culture's Top 25 for 2018.

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Jonathan is back, along with special guests .... to sit down for a marathon recording session to finalize the CaPC 25 for 2018. The pop culture events, people, movies, TV shows, albums, and more that defined 2018 in ways that reflected the good, the true, and the beautiful are molded into near final form in this two part extravaganza!

For Part 1, the panel sorts through the nominations from our staff writers to decide which entries will make the Top 25. Wild cards are brought in, nominations that didn't receive enough backing to make it on the list are considered, and the unthinkable happens when Jonathan attempts to remove Kendrick Lamar from the list!

Then in Part 2, which will air later this week, the same crew will go to the mat to rank the 25 entries and crown the most influential artifacts in 2018, from 25 to 1.

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Seeing and Believing's first episode of 2019 sees them tying up some loose ends from 2018! On the docket: the latest entry in the DC superhero universe and an awards favorite from Poland. Does Aquaman sink or swim? Does Cold War leave the guys feeling cold? Ring in the New Year with an episode that answers these questions and others!

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