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Get a double dose of America's favorite body-infesting xenomorph this week as the guys offer their review of the latest movie to feature a spacebound band of doomed souls, Alien: Covenant. But first, to get into the chest-bursting mood, they look back at the 1979 film that started it all. How has the series changed in its nearly forty years of dingy industrial space freighters, malevolent beasties, and uncannily calm androids? And how does the latest chapter stack up against previous installments?

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 Graduation season is here! We all know the drill: the processional of robe–and-cap clad young people, the pomp and circumstance. And let’s not forget the commencement speech. The speaker is tasked with sending out a new batch of graduates with final words that encompass and sum-up their years of study. Most speeches are quickly forgotten, although a few standout due to the presenter or content. For example, Facebook COO Sheryl Sandberg gave an unforgettable address to Berkeley’s 2016 class, and it is praised as one of the best. David Foster Wallace’s profound 2005 speech at Kenyon College, titled This Is Water, was later published as a book. And powerhouse Bill Gates tweeted to all 2017 graduates his words of wisdom, proving that sometimes fewer words are just as effective as a 25-minute speech. In this ounce of Persuasion fast chat, Erin Straza and Hannah Anderson consider the typical wisdom commencement speakers dispense to graduates, which usually includes something about following dreams and refusing to settle for less than the best in life. The words are heavy on sunshine, but light in terms of helping graduates adjust to life beyond their college experience. Into that void, Erin and Hannah offer a few practical tips for young people as they embark on the journey that is adulthood.   
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In the digital age, working from home is no longer the prevue of the lucky few. Whether you crunch numbers or sell jewelry, more and more of us are experiencing the benefits of flexible work hours and short commutes. And while corporations tally the benefits in increased productivity and decreased costs, what does it mean for employees and for the home itself? What happens when the marketplace comes into our private space? On this week’s episode, author Courtney Reissig joins Hannah Anderson to discuss the plusses and pitfalls of working from home.

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Drew and Tyler chat with Jonathan Edwards about his recent article The Tragedy of Family ‘Fences.’ We discuss the recent Viola Davis and Denzel Washington film and its depiction of fatherhood. We discuss the film’s take on the destructive and deceptive power of sin. We also discuss how the gospel changes our perspective on family, even our family members who have most deeply betrayed us.

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Kevin is joined by special guest Melissa Tamminga this week as Seeing & Believing kicks off blockbuster season with a review of the new Guardians of the Galaxy. How do the latest adventures of James Gunn’s motley crew stack up against the first film. With that done, Kevin and Melissa turn their eyes toward the upcoming months and each offer their five most anticipated films of the summer movie season.

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Being childless on Mother’s Day can be tough. Between family celebrations and church services, the day can take a huge emotional toll on the woman who is struggling with barrenness.

On this episode of Persuasion, Erin Straza and Hannah Anderson welcome Karen Swallow Prior to discuss her recent ERLC article titled “Called to childlessness: The surprising ways of God.” Prior speaks of the infertility she and her husband have faced and how God has affirmed that being childless makes way for another calling—one that isn’t about a lack of children but about a different kind of abundance. Both Prior and Straza speak of how they handle grief, feeling out of place, and insensitive questions. Discussion also touches on ways the Church can minister to women who are not moms, whether they are single, barren, or simply not sure they are called to motherhood. While the Church has rightly placed great value on the gift of children and the weight of motherhood, this has resulted in pressure for couples to pursue children no matter the cost or risk. Be sure to pop out to Twitter @PersuasionCAPC to answer the question of day: What kind of local support have you had from your church family in regards to our topic today?

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Pick your poison of near-future dystopias with this week's episode: grim authoritarian government regime or sinister-but-smiling tech hegemony? Wade and Kevin take a look at the first three episodes of Bruce Miller's adaptation of Margaret Atwood's novel The Handmaid's Tale. Does it do justice to the anxieties and complexities of its source material? The other dystopia is much sunnier but no less worrisome in its implicationsóJames Ponsoldt's filmic adaptation of the Dave Eggers novel takes a hard look at technology and social media's impact on society, but is there more realism or more hysteria in its musings on these themes? Listen to find out!

Music interlude by Run Maggie Run, "Lion Tamer." Used under Creative Commons license 3.0.

Theme music by Alexander Osborn and Lindsey Mysse. Used under Creative Commons license 3.0.

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Sorry, girls—if you wanted to be smart, you needed to be a boy. At least, that’s what recent research on gender stereotyping showed. In an article published at The Guardian, a new “study highlights how children as young as six can be influenced by stereotypes such as the idea that brilliance or giftedness is more common in men.” Those subtle assumptions have detrimental ramifications for females of all ages. Because being smart is something reserved for boys, girls begin to downplay their intelligence and question their God-given ability to engage fully, first in education and then in the workforce.

In this episode of Persuasion, Erin Straza and Hannah Anderson discuss the ways that pop culture and society at large portray and relate to smart females. Covering various books and films that give young girls proper role models, Erin and Hannah highlight the need for girls to be encouraged to know their gifts and nurture them without shame. Pertinent to the conversation is recognizing different types of intelligence—not only mental, emotional, and spiritual, but also creative, analytical, operational, and so on. We have truly been fearfully and wonderfully made by a Creator who wires each of us to display His brilliance in ways that no one else is able. Be sure to pop out to Twitter @PersuasionCAPC to answer the question of day: What sort of intelligence do you most admire?

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