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Pull up a chair and be our guest on this week's show, as the guys review two recent spring blockbusters. The first film tells a tale as old as time, Bill Condon's live-action remake of Beauty and the Beast hews closely to the 1991 animated original, but does it retain the old magic? The second film tells a tale as old as 1979: Daniel Espinosa's Alien-inspired sci-fi/horror flick Life skittered into theaters this past weekend. Does it blaze a new trail away from its xenomorph-filled forebears, or does it stick to formula?

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Today marks the 100th episode of Seeing & Believing! To celebrate this momentous occasion, the guys share some of their personal favorite S&B moments, laugh over the bloopers of the past, and put together a special top 5 list of their favorite films from the Sight & Sound Best 100 Films list. Plus, they dig into their listener mailbag and share well-wishes from some special guests. Here's to the next 100!

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McDonald's Grand Mac, U2's 'The Joshua Tree', and Khalid's 'American Teen' are up for the 6th spot on the CaPC 25 for 2017. Special guests Skye Jethani, Drew Dyck, and Richard Clark join Jonathan for one of the most disorganized, non-political, and rule breaking episodes yet in the history of the show. 

Each week Jonathan and three guests nominate three cultural artifacts from 2017 for inclusion on our year end list, but only one can be added by the end of the show. Nominations and debates (and sometimes hilarity) ensue as everyone must come to an agreement about what best reflects the good, the true, and beautiful in pop culture. 

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Can God’s Kingdom be built without missionaries? Well, it depends upon your definition of missionary and mission work and how these define our vision for making the Gospel known wherever we find ourselves. In her recently released book titled Dangerous Territory: My Misguided Quest to Save the World, Amy Peterson asks questions like these, pressing readers to reconsider our notions of mission work and calling. Amy skill as a storyteller shines in this memoir of her “personal journey from wide-eyed adventurer to questioning believer to simply a beloved child of God.” Along the way, readers find Amy to be also be a stellar teacher who nudges her students to put aside worn-out ideologies in order to pick up powerful new definitions that will usher in God’s love. In this episode of Persuasion, Amy Peterson joins Erin Straza and Hannah Anderson to discuss Amy’s take on the American missionary myth and the outdated frameworks that limit Gospel work around the world. Relevant to this discussion is the way that mission work has been the outlet for women to freely use their gifts within the Body and how the changing landscape of missions work is connected to the Church’s uncertainty of a woman’s place in Kingdom work.

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He’s angry, he’s vicious, and he will destroy anything in his path. Is that a description of Wade or King Kong? Today on the show, Elijah Davidson of Reel Spirituality joins half of the Seeing and Believing crew to discuss Jordan Vogt-Roberts’ King: Skull Island. But, before the review, Wade talks with Elijah about his new book, How to Talk to a Movie.

You can purchase How to Talk to a Movie here. Use the promo code “INV50” before April 3rd to get 50% off!

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Dark horror comedy, culture gardening tips, and instrumental music are up for the fifth slot on the CaPC 25 for 2017. Special guests Gina Dalfonzo, Tyler Burns, and Jason Morehead join Jonathan for a lively debate.

Up for nomination this week is the Jordan Peele directed film Get Out, the new instrumental album from Grails called Chalice Hymnal, and the book Culture Care by Makoto Fujimura.

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Dearest Target, how do we love thee? Let us count the ways! Target has everything we need for some serious shopping therapy. Known for its winning style and trendy decor, Target has become the go-to stop for chic home decor items and snazzy fashion accessories you didn’t even know you needed until you lost yourself its bright aisles. Despite the loyalty of Target shoppers, a recent article in The Atlantic raises a concern for its viability in  the online shopping age. Target has long been seen as a the quirky-cool brand that defies the typical disdain of big-box stores. That cool factor remains but only for those who cross the threshold to have a Target experience. Like many other retailers, Target is feeling the pinch in sales as many of us turn to the convenience of online giant Amazon for many of our regularly purchased personal items. With fewer reasons to stop by Target, we are missing out on the must-have seasonal items that make up Target’s bread and butter. In this ounce of Persuasion fast chat, Erin Straza and Hannah Anderson discuss their love for Target and how the way we shop is shaping the sort of experiences we can expect in years to come. Will wandering around Target become a thing of the past? May it never be.

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Tyler and Drew chat with Chat Ashby about his recent article Dave Eggers’s The Circle: A Social Media Dystopia. We discuss the importance of privacy and our need to be truly known. We also discuss our investment in social media, Facebook in particular and how we might navigate that space more responsibly and Christianly.  

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Fancy yourself a prophet in the modern-day? It just take a bit of outrage, a pinch of wit, and platform to speak from—and, viola! People flock from near and far to engage in the chatter, praise your insight, and rally around shared tenets and beliefs. Jesus made it clear that a true prophet is without honor among his own people (see Mark chapter 6). But today’s prophetic voices are more often praised by the masses than hauled off for punishment. Oddly enough, today’s so-called prophets have adoring crowds who love the message—often because it cuts down those sinners, over there, while affirming the goodness of those in the prophet’s coterie. The stories of the prophets recorded in the Bible are quite different though—they spoke messages that burned, prompting the majority of listeners to reject the message and the mouthpiece only to sink deeper in to sin. Today’s sharp talkers are far from these portraits in scripture, causing us all to wonder if these prophets are called by God or merely self-selected.

In this episode of Persuasion, Erin Straza and Hannah Anderson invite writer and thinker Sharon Hodde Miller to discuss her take on our current predicament. Miller recently wrote about the loss of prophetic imagination in the Christian realm and how that has rendered our leaders powerless to speak truth that will convict and usher in true repentance. Key to the conversation are the current events that have revealed many Christians to be more committed to political talking points than to biblical standards. If we are to pursue God’s Kingdom in today’s culture, we must develop our ability to speak disruptive truth so that together God’s people will lament over our collective sins and return to His ways.

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Special guest Brian Tallerico of joins Wade this week to discuss the first Marvel movie of 2017, Logan. As the swan song for Hugh Jackman's portrayal of the blade-knuckled hero Wolverine, does Logan serve as a fitting sendoff for the character? Another buzzed-about film, Jordan Peele's horror-comedy Get Out, gets the Seeing & Believing treatment as well, as Wade and Kevin examine its treatment of racial issues as well as its spine-tingling thrills.


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Drew and Tyler chat with Cameron McAllister about his recent article “A Question I Hope Ronda Rousey is Asking Right Now.” We chat about MMA and Rousey’s recent failures and what we can learn about confronting our own fear of failure. We also discuss how they gospel shapes our thinking about ourselves and keeps us from having to constantly worry about being found a fraud. We also briefly discuss the ethics of MMA.

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Sarah Kelley returns along with Erin, Hannah and Val to add to the new list for the year. 

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