Christ and Pop Culture

The CaPC 25 for 2016 is back after week off and it is possibly our best yet. Jonathan and Sarah are joined by special guests Amanda Martinez Beck and Kevin McLennithan to find out what will be added in the 17th slot for 2016. 

Lin-Manuel Miranda is the 30 something, man-bun sporting, baby seal eyed, musical force that is taking pop culture by storm and is the nomination of Amanda Martinez Beck. Known for 'Hamilton', the New York born musical prodigy is racking up accolades and has a near cult following amongst his most devoted fans, but is it enough to warrant inclusion on our year end list?

Anthony Bourdain is a celebrated chef, author, and television personality currently on CNN as the host of Anthony Bourdain: Parts Unknown. One of the earliest pioneers of making food a pop culture conversation and educating the masses of what is possible in the field of culinary experiences. He also exemplifies what Christians preach in his world travels by not being a snob and treats people with great affection and dignity from the street vendor to the 5 star chef. 

Love and Friendship is the final nomination in which we see Jane Austin's adapted to the silver screen. Kate Beckinsale plays the lead anti-hero and perfectly represents a departure from the prim and proper portrays we are used to seeing in Jane Austin works. The story of redemption is a powerful motivation but is it enough to gain entry onto the prestigious 25? 

Find out if Lin-Manuel Miranda, Anthony Bourdain, or 'Love and Friendship' make it onto the 17th slot in The CaPC 25, Episode 16

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