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This week Jonathan is joined by special guests E. Stephen Burnett, Morgan Lee and Tyler Glodjo for the 7th episode of The 25. The nominations for inclusion this week are Batman Vs. Superman Dawn of JusticeZootopia and The Golden State Warriors. 

The Golden State Warriors with Stephen Curry have risen to a level of prominence that has transcended the sports crowd and pop culture. The 3 point shot is the perfect Vine moment on social media, Stephen Curry's indomitable spirit and encroachment of the 72-10 season record currently held by the 95-96 Chicago Bulls. People across the country are staying up late just to watch this team that plays as a team and it is for this reason, Morgan thinks the team deserves a spot on the 2016 The 25. 

E. Stephen Burnett brings the film, Batman Vs. Superman: Dawn of Justice. Rather than advocate for a Marvel Vs. DC posture, Stephan highlights the enjoyment he had with the film despite the negative critical reaction. Taking the film on its own merits, does it tell a convincing story and does it tackle the question of the purpose of evil? 

Rounding out the table discussion is Tyler Glodjo's nomination of Disney's Zootopia. A 3D animation film of anthropomorphic animals, the story presents the consequences of stereotypes and prejudices in the family friendly environment of a country bunny who comes to the big city to be the best police...bunny she can be. Underneath the fur of the movie is the basis for great conversations for viewers who are willing. 

Three nominations, and only one can be added to the list. Which one will be added? You will have to listen to find out. 

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Tyler and Drew chat with Chad Ashby about his recent article, “Socialism’s Lonely Eden.” We chat about our country current fascination with socialism and how it relates to a Christian worldview. We chat about the roots, benefits, and problems with socialism, libertarianism, conservatism, and capitalism—all the isms really. We discuss how the gospel transcends all these isms and challenge Christians not to pigeonhole themselves or others into one but rather to focus on love of God and love of neighbor.

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We are terrible at humility. It’s so foreign that we scramble for scraps of it by mimicking the outward display. But those outward attempts aren’t fooling anyone. Everyone can spot a humblebrag—even the unintentional ones. It’s always awkward when a sincere compliment is deflected by excessive piety. An article at by Jayson Bradley, titled “4 ‘Humble’ Things That Aren’t Humble,” details where we get humility very wrong—especially when we spiritualize it. In this fast chat Ounce of Persuasion, Erin Straza and Hannah Anderson address the confusion surrounding humility and how the four items in Bradley’s article scarcely scratch the surface of learning about this elusive virtue. If we are to become truly humble, a biblical definition of humility based on Jesus’ example is needed. Only then can we be free to glory in God’s gifts and rest in our place as one of God’s creatures.

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Easter is a time for Jesus movies and this week the Seeing and Believing team tackle some of the best known movies featuring Jesus. Wade comes back from vacation to join Kevin in celebrating Holy Week with a discussion of the many Jesus movies out there. What makes a good movie about the Christ story?

The second segment has the duo turning to the latest entry in the Jesus movies sub-genre, the Joseph Fiennes-starring Risen.

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Jonathan flies solo this week with special guests Brad Williams and Kevin McLenithan for the 6th episode of The 25.

Up for nomination for the 7th spot on the 2016 Top 25 list is the small indie film Star Wars: The Force Awakens, the TV show Better Caul Saul and Making a Murderer.

One of the biggest blockbusters in Hollywood and arguably the most anticipated movie release in 2015, Brad Williams argues the social reflection of Rey and Fin and BB8 as merits for inclusion on the 25.

Kevin bring Better Caul Saul, Season 2 for it ability to make us look at characters that are not cut and dry good/evil. The ending is already known to anyone who has watched Breaking Bad and the journey we watch Jimmy McGill take to the persona of Saul Goodman is an exercise in spiritual discernment. 

Jonathan argues for Making a Murder and the rage it instills in its viewers for the flaws in the US criminal justice system as well as the human cost it instilled on the various victims portrayed.

Which of these 3 nominees will make it onto The 25 for 2016?  

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Caught up in March Madness and all things athletic? CAPC staff writer, Val Dunham, joins Hannah Anderson to discuss the drama of sports and how men and women watch and participate in sports in distinct ways. They cover everything from baseball to MMA figher Ronda Rousey to wondering whether sports can offer women a way to understand their bodies as more than objects.

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Kevin is joined this week by special guest host Joel Mayward as they do a spoiler-free review of the mysterious thriller 10 Cloverfield Lane. With that film being set almost entirely inside the confines of an underground bunker, Kevin and Joel are put in mind of other great films that largely confine their cast of characters to a single location. Will madness ensue, or will Kevin and Joel reach a common understanding within their close quarters?

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Jonathan and Sarah are reunited as the host special guests Karen Swallow Prior and Ekemini Uwan on the 5th episodes of The 25.

Up for nomination for the 6th spot on the 2016 Top 25 list are HBO's John Oliver, the new Christian satire news site 'The Babylon Bee' and FX's TV show The People Vs. OJ Simpson.

Satire is important as it teaches us to laugh at ourselves and take a different approach in how we reflect upon our culture both politically and spiritually which John Oliver and Babylon Bee reflect. 

The new show from FX, The People Vs. OJ Simpson gives us a dramatic retelling of the events nearly 20 years ago that led to one of the most important cultural touch stones for racism, flawed and corrupt judicial process and the harbinger for reality TV in entertainment.

Which of these 3 nominees will make it onto The 25 for 2016?  

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Drew and Tyler chat with Luke T. Harrington about the problems with open letters. We discuss a particularly interesting past open letter that Luke wrote that you won’t want to miss. We also chat about the economic concerns surrounding a particular batch of open letters that have recently been circulating the inter webs

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Remember the good old days? Erin Straza and Hannah Anderson discuss how Netflix’s Fuller House and Trump’s promise to “Make America Great Again” play upon our love for nostalgia. The past, however, isn’t the same for everyone. Most of us tend to romanticize the past. For some, the “good old days” were good because of systemic inequalities made life favorable, for them. For others, the past is full of painful prejudices, racism, gender inequalities, and abuses. Fear of the unknown also makes a return to the past a more favorable option, which may explain much of Trump’s political success to date. And our need for security and comfort explains why an 80s show like Full House can pick up where it left off and garner millions of viewers with the Netflix original series Fuller House. Obviously, nostalgia fuels our perception of both the past and the future. How then, can we practice a mindful and tempered remembrance? Erin and Hannah consider the biblical mandate to approach the past with both gratitude and repentance, a call to balance our remembrance with grace and truth.

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After checking back in with the state of justice in Ferguson, Sam and Cray listen to "T.R.O.Y." by Pete Rock and CL Smooth. The classic track helps them reminisce about their own past, and frames a positive synthesis of the past toward future hopes that should be familiar to Christians who take seriously God's promise of generational love.

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The guys remember the good old days as they discuss TV shows and movie nostalgia of audiences for the pop culture of the past. Can nostalgia be used well, or is it always a ploy to grab the attention of audiences? Then Wade and Kevin mine the past a little themselves as they revisit Terry Gilliam's great film Brazil.

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Drew and Tyler chat with Luke T. Harrington about the problems with open letters. We discuss a particularly interesting past open letter that Luke wrote that you won’t want to miss. We also chat about the economic concerns surrounding a particular batch of open letters that have recently been circulating the inter webs

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Joshua Powell and the Great Train Robbery's album, "Alyosha", is a current CAPC Members Only offering and the man himself joined Cray to discuss his music. He also dropped fascinating thoughts on how his faith and literary leanings shape his understanding of hip hop music and Kanye West.

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Wade and Kevin look into the abyss as they review The Witch, the indie horror sensation that's been wowing critics ever since it played at last year's Sundance Film Festival. Does it deserve the hype? They then turn to slightly lighter-hearted fare as they review the return of everyone's favorite slippery lawyer in Better Call Saul, Season 2.

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Kanye West returns to the floor as Cray Allred bring the controversial rapper back to the forefront as a nomination for the 2016 Top 25 list. Drew Dixon brings another video game, 'Darkest Dungeon' to the discussion citing the empathy and respect for humanity the game brings to the player. Richard Clark brings ABC sitcom Fresh Off the Boat for its ability to subvert the stereotype of Asian Americans while relating to the desire for belonging to a community. 

What will make it onto the 5th spot on the CaPC The25? Digital brothels, twitter trolling and a guest death match between Richard and Jonathan are all contained within. 


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Drew and Tyler chat with Amanda Beck about Oprah’s recent ads for Weight Watchers and how the church has handled issues of health, weight, and obesity. We chat about how our culture has influenced the church in these arenas and how the church should can strive to value and celebrate the gifts of people of all shapes.

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