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We continue our examination of Kanye West's album, with plenty of questions to walk through. Is Kanye torn between worldly and holy living, or is he burying his old life in Christ? Is there anything edifying about processing Kanye's misogyny? And why is Saint Kim Kardashian, a ridiculous thought?

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After a year of recording Seeing & Believing, Wade and Kevin look back over the highlights of the last fifty episodes before jumping into the same subject that kicked everything off in the first place: the Oscars. But first, the guys zero in for a detailed review of one of this seasons major awards contenders: Room.

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The CaPC team continues to build the Top 25 list of the good, beautiful and truthful found in pop culture for 2016. This week 3 nominations are vying for the #4 spot. 

CaPC Managing Editor Tyler Glodjo nominates PC/PS4 Indie game 'The Witness' from developer Jonathan Blow. On an island of nothing but puzzles and random audio recordings of quotes by philosophers, religious leaders and scientists there is a search for truth on the island. How does this truth relate to the Christian faith and what does it teach us about our own journey for truth in the Scriptures?

Special Guest, Senior Staff Writer for Granite, Tyler Huckabee bring the latest "gospel" album from Kanye West, 'The Life of Pablo.' Even though Kanye is a polarizing figure and the content on the latest album can be described as inappropriate, there is a naked emotion to Kanye West that comes through in this album. Combined with appearances from Kirk Franklin and other elements that show Kanye as a broken man searching for God, Tyler H makes the case that the album is worthy of a spot on the list. 

Host of the 25, Jonathan Clauson bring another video game to the show, 'Firewatch'. This page-turner thriller set in the 1980's pacific northwest mountains is a story of isolation, paranoia and more importantly a mirror for which the player can see themselves through a pre-defined character.

Which of these three nominations make it onto The 25? 

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Drew and Tyler chat with Amanda Wortham about The Office’s Jim and Pam—their relationship, romance, and marriage. We chat about the nature of romance and how marital faithfulness is depicted in pop culture. We dig into what makes Jim and Pam’s relationship special and what Christians can learn from it in their marriages and relationships.

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In this fast chat episode, Erin Straza and Hannah Anderson discuss the role humility plays in our very public lives. Trends toward celebrity culture and platform building make humility a somewhat lost art and modesty a prized virtue.

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In the first part of our deep dive on Kanye West's The Life of Pablo, we stand back in awe of the beauty of "Ultralight Beam" and argue that it illuminates the rest of West's album in a gospel-centric light.

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With this week's release of Seeing & Believing's first book, the essay collection "Christ and Pop Culture Goes to the Movies 2015," the guys reflect on Christian film criticism. What are their goals as Christian critics, and how do the essays featured in the book fit into that vision? Then they look ahead to their most anticipated movies of 2016 with their preview of the upcoming attractions of spring and summer.

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The expectations of the NFL quarterback and Cam Newton is up for discussion in Episode 43 of the CaPC Digest. Tim Briggs joins Drew Dixon and Tyler Burns to talk about Cam Newton's behavior in the post-Super Bowl press conference. The trio explore the public perception of the polarizing figure while providing context for Cam Newton, contrasting him against Peyton Manning's behavior in victory and defeat. The conversation reminds us to take into account the Biblical mandate to rejoice with those who are rejoicing and how to not make spectacles of our fellow human beings like Cam Newton and other NFL quarterbacks. 

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Every day we clothe ourselves for form and function. As mundane as it may seem, the clothing we wear speaks to our cultural background and tells a story about who we are and where we’ve been. Erin Straza and Hannah Anderson discuss fashion as a cultural indicator and why snap judgments upon another person’s appearance is problematic.

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After catching up with some news from around hip hop, Sam and Cray cover Kanye West's latest album-related antics since they aren't ready to give thorough opinions on the music itself. Is the trainwreck of a release process still valuable for its honesty, did Kanye cross the line with Taylor Swift, and is Martin Shkreli a real hip hop villain?

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What better way to celebrate Valentine's Day than by curling up with that special someone to listen to Wade and Kevin talk about the Coen brothers' latest film? They debate just how seriously we're meant to take the Coens' jaunt through politics, religion, and the golden age of Hollywood in 'Hail, Caeser!" Then they embark on a lively and not at all contentious discussion of their top 5 Coen movies.

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Christ and Pop Culture offers you #The25, a weekly debate between staff and guests on the most important events in pop culture this week. Many things are nominated, but only one is added to the #The25 at the end of the episode.

In our second episode Sarah Kelley, Tyler Burns and Matthew Loftus bring singer-songwriter Andy Gullahorn to the table along with The X-Files Season 10 and director Nate Parker. Which one will make it on The 25? Listen and find out!

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Drew and Tyler chat with Wade Bearden about his recent interview with Dean Strang, one of Steven Avery’s defense attorney’s as seen in Netflix’s original documentary series, Making a Murderer. We chat about some of the shortcomings in our justice system, how our system is bent to fail certain people, and what it looks like not only to long for but also to advocate for justice in a Christlike manner.

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Valentine’s Day highlights the fun of romantic love with its candy hearts and flowers. Since true love takes a bit more than the retailers can push, Erin Straza and Hannah Anderson have gathered up their top pieces of advice for love and relationships.

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Drew and Tyler chat with Alan Noble, editor-in-chief of Christ and Pop Culture about His recent article, How Trump Happened: The Wages of Fear and Brave Way Forward. We talk about the problems Trump’s success has exposed, speculate about how much his popularity has hurt the credibility of the Republican party and what conservative evangelicals should be pushing for going forward. We also chat about how Christians might begin educating the next generation toward a more compassionate, more Christian form of political engagement.

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Christ and Pop Culture offers you #The25, a weekly debate between staff and guests on the most important events in pop culture this week. Many things are nominated, but only one is added to the #The25 at the end of the episode.

In our inaugural episode, host Jonathan Clauson is joined by Sarah Kelley, Cary Allred and Luke T. Harrington to talk about the Presidential primaries, That Dragon, Cancer and the subreddit, me_IRL. 

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A lot has happened with Kanye West since we last discussed his work. We catch you up, discussing the 2015 non-album releases, speculating on how good his upcoming "SWISH" album will be both musically and spiritually, and throw in a sermonette on work ethic and idolatry as pertains to Mr. West.

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