Christ and Pop Culture
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It’s a new year, brimming with opportunities to make the next 12 months your best EVER! Or so we’re told, year in year out. Erin Straza and Hannah Anderson discuss the value of a new start, how to approach resolutions, and where God’s grace fits into our dreams for the future.

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What are the top pop culture events in 2015? Tyler Glodjo, SD Kelly, DL Mayfield, Tyler Burns, and Luke T. Harrington joined up to form the CAPC 25 council, setting this year’s list of pop culture events in stone. In part 1, the council ranked items 16 thru 25. Hear their reasoning, along with a peak at which items are being considered higher up the list.


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Merry Christmas from Seeing & Believing! As our special gift to you, please enjoy this all Star Wars episode, in which we discuss the peculiar magic of the Star Wars universe and then launch into a review of the latest entry in the saga: The Force Awakens

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Do you ever grow weary of the overly sanitized and saccharine expressions of Christmas cheer? Many people do, causing some to rebel with darker forms of festivities. Zombie nativities, Krampus parades, a noose-hung Santa—these all made the news this season. Erin Straza and Hannah Anderson discuss these bizarre and scary elements of Christmas and offer a few recommendations for a meaningful holiday.

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What do you get when you combine the writer/director of ‘Napoleon Dynamite’ with a satire of evangelical Christian culture? Wade and Kevin find out when they review the new movie from Jared Hess, ‘Don Verdean’. Then they continue their highlighting of 2015's underseen films with the post-Holocaust psychological thriller ‘Phoenix’.


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Drew and Tyler chat with Cray Allred about the Philadelphia 76ers and their commitment to lose basketball games. We talk about the ethics of deliberate losing and the importance of learning to be content in all circumstances.

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Shakes. Oils. Bags. Kitchen gadgets. Food. Vitamins. Skin care. These are just a few of the products sold in the $34 billion multilevel marketing industry—one dominated by women as both the buyers and sellers. Why does this business structure have such appeal among women and especially among Christian women? How does this model affect our friendships and our Gospel witness? Erin Straza and Hannah Anderson invite Kate Shellnutt, Christianity Today associate editor and Her.menuetics blog editor, to discuss the phenomenon. 

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The end of the year is approaching, which means that Wade and Kevin get to play catch-up on some of 2015's lesser-seen films. This week they highlight the extremely unconventional Christmas movie Tangerine. But first, they climb into the ring with the latest entry in the Rocky Balboa saga: Creed. Is this one a worthy addition to the most famous boxing-movie franchise of all time?

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Drew and Tyler chat with D.L. Mayfield about the final Hunger Games film, Mocking Jay Part 2. We chat about how the film challenged us to acknowledge the suffering of others, we chat about our nations current Dystopia, swap stories about what we learned about the end times growing up, and discuss the importance of acknowledging and engaging real world suffering.

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Every Christmas, consumer spending skyrockets. We are really good at buying a lot of stuff. Gifts, decorations, food, travel—Christmas is an expensive celebration. Erin Straza and Hannah Anderson discuss traditions, shopping, the pressure to spend, and what contributes to our personal budget standards (which are always justified and reasonable, of course). 

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We cover a couple tracks from Logic's new album, "The Incredible True Story". With some help from quotes he's given, we try to parse out his worldview, which veers somewhere between positive thinking and the word-faith movement.

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The Netflix/Marvel collaboration marches onward with the much-anticipated first season of Jessica Jones. Wade and Kevin review the season's thirteen episodes and discuss whether the series has legs. They then switch their attention to one of the most prominent films currently in theaters: the based-on-reality journalism drama Spotlight.

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Drew and Tyler chat with Val Dunham about her recent column: Touchdown Jesus: Peyton Manning Is Like a Breath, His Days a Fleeting Shadow. We talk about the temporal nature of our human bodies, our fascination and objectification of the bodies of elite athletes, and the inherent value of the body. We also talk about the toll contact sports often take on our bodies and consider what it looks like to think Christianly about sports which damage the human body.

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An Ounce of Persuasion fast-chat episode with Erin Straza and Hannah Anderson discussing how men and women express humor, ideas, and confidence. How we communicate speaks volumes about who we are as individuals and can be a powerful force for shaping the way men and women express themselves in our spheres of influence.

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