Christ and Pop Culture

Mary McCampbell joins the show to look back at the legacy of soul music and Stax Records, finding similar currents of black spirituality and commercial appeal that run through hip hop today.


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It's another Documentary Week on Seeing & Believing! The guys review Crystal Moselle's The Wolfpack, a fascinating dive into the lives of six shut-in brothers and their enormous love for movies. Then things take a turn for the creepy with Rodney Ascher's The Nightmare, a horror-tinged examination of the often terrifying experience of "sleep paralysis."

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This week, Drew chats with Little Rock Police Officer Tommy Norman and staff writer Mary McCampbell about how Tommy has shown self-sacrificial love to the people of inner city Little Rock. We chat about how we can earn the respect of others by listening to them so that we might actively serve them.

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We meet others first through the body we live in, which may be why it’s so easy to become obsessed with them. In addition to grooming, exercising, dressing them, we are now able to nip, tuck, amputate and reassign genders to our bodies to make them whatever we wish them to be. Erin Straza and Hannah Anderson talk about the cultural differences between biological sex and cultural gender assignment, Target’s drive for gender neutral toys, the Bruce to Caitlyn Jenner transition and how faith can both help and hinder our ability to live in the skin we’re in.

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We decide whether a few common rap motifs (swearing, Bible references, praising God for secular achievements, and  Jesus pieces) are blasphemous or not, and then wonder what spiritual content the new Jay Rock album might bring.

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Wade and Kevin review the latest Asghar Farhadi film to be released on American shores: the suspenseful drama ABOUT ELLY. Then they switch gears to review Bobcat Goldthwait's brand-new documentary CALL ME LUCKY, a raw profile of the confrontational comedian and activist Barry Crimmins.

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This week, Drew and Brad chat with staff writer Ethan McCarthy about the high human cost of sports and the tricky business of reform. We chat about how the recent massive scandal that has rocked the world’s largest sports organization, FIFA, illustrates, in its own way, the realities of human sinfulness and the value of dying to self.

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More and more, you’re encouraged to “say what you want to say” and to give all your secrets away. But can the call to transparency become nothing more than voyeurism? What role should the virtues of discretion and privacy play in our lives?  CAPC staff writers Val Dunham and Hannah Anderson discuss Donald Trump, reality TV, and the pressure to be “authentic.”

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In part two, Armond Wakeup is on the line to discuss the profane balancing act King Los tries to accomplish with the "God, Money, War" album, mixing the holy and the sinful. Armond also shares how hip hop and faith have run together in his own life, and gives an insider's perspective on the types of spiritual and artistic stifling that encroaches the world of Christian rap.

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Seeing and Believing Ep. 25: Kevin Reports from the Glen Workshop

This week, co-host Kevin McLenithan sends us a special report from the Glen Workshop in Santa Fe, New Mexico. He’s joined by friends of the show Jeffrey Overstreet, Nick Olson, and Alissa Wilkinson to talk everything film. You know those conversations you’d like to be a fly on the wall for? This one is it.

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Armond Wakeup joins the show to drop knowledge on the new King Los album, "God, Money, War". In part one, we talk about the album's intentionally conflicted view of materialism, its compelling portrait of a "Lil Black Boy", and whether or not Los has read William Blake.

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Wade and Kevin’s mission, should they choose to accept it, is to watch all of the MISSION IMPOSSIBLE films and conclude with their review of MISSION: IMPOSSIBLE - ROGUE NATION. Listen to the crew at Seeing and Believing as they talk the highs of the Tom Cruise espionage series as well as its lows (Mission Impossible 2). Plus, their spoiler free review of ROGUE NATION will let you know if this summer blockbuster is worth it.

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This week, Brad is back with Drew to chat with Staff Writer, E. Stephen Burnett about his article “Challenging the Culture of Troublesome ‘Discernment’ Blogging”. Stephen shares about the culture of discernment blogging and how we might watch out for its pitfalls. We also talk about the rules of internet discourse and the care with which Christians should practice discernment.

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Conflicts among Christians aren’t new, but the Internet gives us a new place to engage in them. Before a watching world, we air our differences on social media, call people to account in lengthy blog posts, and point out errors via video. Is this the best space for conflict to be resolved? Erin Straza and Hannah Anderson discuss the pros and cons.

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Eons D returns to the show to talk about Oddisee's latest release. "Book Covers" turns a simplistic moral into a complex meditation on identity, judgment, and politics.

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