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This week, Drew chats with features writer Amber Stamper about her article “I am Atticus”: Racism and Vision in Harper Lee’s Go Set a Watchman. We chat about Harper Lee’s new novel, its critical reception and what Christians can learn from it. We chat about how Christians might open themselves up to those who are different from them and listen to them so that they might participate in Christ’s kingdom work of reconciliation.

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What does Martin Luther have to do with Kendrick Lamar? Travis Harris joins the show to connect the dots for us, exploring how "Alright" and the doctrine of justification both offer relief from the burden of condemnation.

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Have you ever wondered how to have a persuasive conversation about faith in today’s culture? Erin Straza and Hannah Anderson offer examples and guidelines for how to engage with others in a persuasive yet winsome way. Discussion covers winsome evangelistic techniques, the effectiveness of online witnessing, and the proper approach for engaging with people who hold different beliefs.

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It's the Hollywood franchise's world ó we're just living in it. Wade and Kevin are joined by Christianity Today's Jessica Gibson to talk about what they hope to see in films that are built around previously established characters or settings. They also review the Ian McKellen-starring MR. HOLMES, the latest film to focus on the most famous fictional detective of all time.

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This week, Podcast editor Jonathan Clauson joins Drew for a chat with Amanda Wortham on her article “A Living Sacrifice: The Beauty of a Body Broken for Others.” We chat about balancing the value of beauty with the call to sacrifice ourselves, including our bodies, for the good of our neighbors and the glory of God. We also chat about prevailing attitudes about the body and modesty in the church and how we might begin to have healthy encouraging conversations about what it means to honor God with the temporal bodies God has given us.


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Personality tests are all the rage these days, from the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator to the endless BuzzFeed quizzes. Erin Straza (INFP / The Hulk) and Hannah Anderson (ENTP / Ironman) discuss the wisdom and fun such tests can provide and address the concern of cult from a Christian perspective.

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We circle back to Tupac Shakur, analyzing "Ghetto Gospel" this time around. Was Tupac really a vessel of the Holy Spirit while rapping? Was his message of hope and reconciliation undercut by his less seemly content? We discuss.

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The release of Harper Lee's follow-up to her novel TO KILL A MOCKINGBIRD has Wade and Kevin thinking about the 1962 film adaptation of that book and about literary adaptations in general. What makes for a good book-to-film adaptation? How important is being faithful to the source material? And does the beloved Gregory Peck-starring classic still hold up?

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Drew and Brad chat with Wade Bearden about what Christians can learn from the way Jim Gaffigan talks about his faith. We talk about how Christians need to realize that they aren’t experts on everything as well as way Christians might intentionally get out of the “Christian Ghetto.”

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Erin welcomes acclaimed novelist Bret Lott to Persuasion to discuss his latest release, a nonfiction work titled Letters and Life: On Being a Writer, On Being a Christian. Bret shares his insights for an approach to art, calling, and writing.

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We've been anticipating Vince Staples' debut LP for quite some time, so it's natural we would feature the double album's standout track "Jump Off the Roof" for a show. Vince is cold as ever, rapping about the suffocating cycles of addiction that close in on so many. We listen for signs of hope, and wonder if his view of love reveals his spiritual demands.

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Drew and Brad chat with Luke T. Harrington about his recent Lol Interwebz column about Kickended, a site dedicated to chronicling Kickstarter campaigns that failed to receive a single pledge. We talk about crowd funding and the ethics of laughing at failed crowd funding attempts.

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With Netflix becoming one of the biggest heavyweights in the ring when it comes to TV shows, the guys discuss how the streaming giant's strategy of releasing an entire season of a show at a time is affecting the way audiences watch TV. And with season 2 of the Netflix original BOJACK HORSEMAN on the horizon, they review season 1 to figure out what makes Bojack tick.

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Keeping up with the Joneses used to mean moving to a bigger home or getting the latest gadgets. Today’s tiny house movement may change all that, as people are reassessing their attachment to material goods. In this episode, Erin Straza and Hannah Anderson discuss the allure of this trend as well as potential it has for asceticism and guilt.

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Communion. Grandma. Church. Candy. Sex? After putting Bobby Shmurda on the prayer chain, we discuss "Sunday Candy" by Donnie Trumpet & The Social Experimen, a project featuring Chance the Rapper. It's a sweet, earthy song reveling in the joy of human love, which is enough to mess with our (dumb) prudish evangelical sensibilities.

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One of our most anticipated films of the summer, ME AND EARL AND THE DYING GIRL, has a wider theatrical release this month. Wade and Kevin review the film, then use its characters' love affair with the Criterion Collection as a springboard to talk about Criterion's role in bringing beloved classics and little-seen gems to a wider audience.

Music interlude by Civilized Creatures, "Do What I Do Not Want to Do." Used under Creative Commons license 3.0.

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The CAPC Digest #19: The World Cup and Womanhood with Valerie Dunham

Drew and Brad chat with Valerie Dunham about her experience growing up watching the World Cup and her experience growing up and seeking to understand what it means to be female. We also chat about what the church can learn both from feminism and the soccer community . . . U-S-A! U-S-A! U-S-A!

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From the Members Only Podcast Archive

Dr. Werntz, co-editor of “Corners in the City of God: Theology, Philosophy, and The Wire”, joins CAPC-ers Tyler Glodjo, Val Dunham, Tyler Burns, and Matthew Loftus to discuss the show.

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