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This week features robots and cowboys, but fortunately no robot cowboys (sorry, Yul Brynner). Wade and Kevin have a double-feature of a review: sci-fi thriller EX MACHINA and quirky Western SLOW WEST.

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In this episode, host Nick Rynerson remembers the 50 year aniversary of Bob Dylan's "Bringing It All Back Home" and Dylan "going electric", and how Dylan's bold move speaks to us today. 


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Brad and Drew chat with staff writers Wade Bearden and Kevin McLenithan who are also hosts of the CaPC network podcast, Seeing and Believing. We talk specifically about the thread of hope in Mad Max: Fury Road and the above average cheese burger that is Avengers: Age of Ultron. Wade and Kevin share insight into how Christians should approach film. They also share their most anticipated films yet to be released this summer.

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Despite the trend toward urbanization, country living continues to hold a place in our cultural imagination, whether it comes via the new domesticity, country music, or post-apocalyptic stories that echo a time before industrializaion. In this episode, co-host Hannah Anderson is joined by her husband, Nathan, to discuss the lure of rural living as well as its darker side.

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Eons D joins the show to discuss his (great) debut EP, "Physics on Paper." He talks about his history of faith and hip hop, from listening to forbidden rap albums, to idolizing Jay Z, to eventually finding his identity as both a rapper and a Christian.

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Wade and Kevin grab their death's-head steering wheels and flamethrower guitars for their discussion of MAD MAX: FURY ROAD. Joined by CAPC staff writer Martyn Jones and friend of the show Joel Mayward, they explore George Miller's latest post-apocalyptic opus: its distinctive sensibility, its subtle themes, and its jaw-dropping action.

(Special thanks to Reel World Theology's Joshua Crabb for sponsoring this week's episode. Check out the great film reviews, podcasts, and more at Reel World Theology.)

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Brad and Drew chat with Jerry McCorkle of Spread Truth about how the way we share the gospel needs to change. We also talk about the new Pew research study about religion in America and our longing for community.

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A week removed from Mother's Day, we listen to a darker treatment of motherhood with Lupe Fiasco's chilling "Madonna". The song is told from the perspective of a mother who sounds somewhat like the Baltimore mom who went viral for yanking her boy from a looting scene. And there's more: the virgin Mary, the son of God, stations of the police, and a Jesus Christ pose.


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Whether they end with a whimper or a bang, apocalypses and natural disasters are what Wade and Kevin are interested in this week. They discuss why audiences find onscreen disasters so compelling, then take a look at a film set in the wreckage of one of these disasters: the quiet zombie drama MAGGIE.

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In this episode of Burn After Listening, Nick and Christ and Pop Culture staff writer Val Dunham discuss Mumford and Sons’ new album ‘Wilder Mind’. Both Nick and Val loved the album, and aim to communicate what’s to like about the new record, and Mumford and Sons as a band.

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Brad and Drew chat with Dave Harrity, author of Making Manifest: On Faith, Creativity, and the Kingdom at Hand, about the value of creativity in the devotional life of Christian as well as the importance of cultivating and reaching out to creative communities.

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Stories are powerful agents for community, strengthening bonds and forging understanding. But is it possibly we have become so attached to particular story lines that our perspective gets skewed? Hannah and Erin discuss the Twitter-rage toward Joss Wheden’s storytelling and how the resource Life as We Know It can build the community we all crave through the telling of our personal stories.

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Hip hop makes much of motherhood, as does the Bible. We listen to "Dear Mama" by Tupac and "Hey Mama" by Kanye West for examples of mom appreciation from two very different perspectives.

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The biggest movie of the summer is here to conquer the world. Puny humans Wade and Kevin are joined by Christianity Today's Jessica Gibson to review the new AVENGERS flick. Then they go on to list ten summer movies that they hope will topple Marvel from its dark throne.

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Brad and Drew chat with Jeffrey Overstreet about the value of music, Sufjan Stevens, loss, and the personal nature of truthful art.


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All moms are amazing, but some moms go beyond the norm, facing down dangerous circumstances to ensure their children survive. Erin and Hannah discuss Baltimore’s #momoftheyear and motherhood in the Nazi concentration camps.

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Harrison Lemke joins Sunday Oldskool to discuss his own music, and "Nate", a Vince Staples track about the unavoidable legacy fathers leave to their sons.

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This week, Wade has a chance to sit down with director Brian Ivie to talk about his new film THE DROP BOX, a documentary about a Korean pastor who is dedicated to saving the lives of abandoned infants. Then, the guys tackle Seeing & Believing's first reader-submitted question: just how valuable is movie-studio schlock if it helps finance the good stuff?

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