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Brad and Drew chat with Sarah Kelly how to keep our possessions from possessing us, decluttering, and stewarding creation well.

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In this episode Nick Rynerson and muscian/editor Chase Abner continue the conversation about cover songs and why they're so important.

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Why do we go back to the same stories time and again? Whether it’s the beauty of the Gospel or the comfort of 80s sitcoms, our ears itch for the familiar. Erin Straza discusses the popularity of reruns and repeats in storytelling with CAPC writer Amber Stamper and guest Russ Ramsey.

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In the second installment of their 'To Pimp a Butterfly' breakdown, Bradford William Davis, Nick Rynerson, and the crew do their best to pin down the narrative, craft, and spiritual force of Kendrick Lamar's remarkable album.


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In anticipation of the launch of blockbuster season with THE AVENGERS: AGE OF ULTRON, Wade and Kevin are joined by Reel Spirituality's Colin Stacy to talk superheroes. What makes a good superhero movie? Will the Marvel Cinematic Universe eventually consume the rest of the cinematic universe, Galactus-style? Will Kevin's superpower of grumpiness overcome Wade's superpower of cookie-baking? Find the answers to these questions, and more, on this very special episode.

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Drew and Brad talk to Gospel Coalition editor, Collin Hansen about his new book Blind Spots about the importance of pursuing unity in Christ, the value of community, and the difficulty of identifying our personal blind spots.

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In this episode Nick Rynerson and muscian/editor Chase Abner talk about cover songs and why they're so important.

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We often think of "ambition" and "desire" as four-letter words, but What if desire and ambition are precisely God's way of leading us through the world?

In this episode, guest Jen Pollock Michel challenges us to rethink the relationship between desire and faith. We also tackle why Saturday Night Live's portrayal of Presidential-hopeful Hillary Clinton is so funny--and whether it should be.

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In the first of a two-part dig into Kendrick Lamar's "To Pimp a Butterfly", Bradford William Davis and Nick Rynerson join the show to work through some potential beef with the album. Does Kendrick engage in respectability politics, especially in "Blacker the Berry"?

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Paul Harrill, director of the acclaimed indie film "Something, Anything," joins Wade and Kevin for a discussion of spiritual quests in cinema. Then the guys switch gears to talk about Netflix's foray into superhero stories with "Daredevil."

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In this podcast, Nick introduces and examines three songs from the legendary singer-songwriter Townes Van Zandt, and looks at what makes his life and music so compelling.

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What if your biggest regret was announced to the world? When our worst selves are revealed, it can produce shame—as it did for Monica Lewisnki—or freedom—as it did for the subjects of a confessional photography project. Guest host Dawn Araujo joins Erin Straza to discuss the intersection of shame culture, cyberbullying, and public confession.

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In a cut from the Sunday Oldskool full treatment of Joey Bada$$'s latest album ("B4.DA.$$"), Sam and Cray welcome hip hop expert Jeff Wyrick (of Son of Byford) on to discuss the self-critical spirituality in "Hazeus View".

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This week, Wade and Kevin dig into NBC's new series "A.D.: The Bible Continues," then chase it with a movie about monster chases, the indie horror hit "It Follows."

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This week we talk with Podcast Alum Erin Straza about the value and challenge of sports and our longing for community.

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In this podcast, host Nick Rynerson talks to writer Joel Heng Hartse, author of 'Sects, Love, and Rock n' Roll', about Sufjan Steven's album 'Carrie & Lowell', enjoying music for music's sake, and how not to listen to the new Sufjan album..

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Society seems less willing to make moral judgments along traditional lines, yet more willing to pronounce judge in smaller choices. Hannah Anderson and Erin Straza visit with Sarah Kelly about society’s moral clarity dilemma within Masterpiece Theater and parenting styles.

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We listen to "Last Good Sleep", a track from when El-P (of Run the Jewels) was of Company Flow. It's a rough song about domestic abuse, but there are some interesting windows into how it relates to "the man upstairs".

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Ah, spring — when a young man's fancy turns to thoughts of Galactic Overlord Xenu. Wade and Kevin discuss Alex Gibney's new Scientology doc GOING CLEAR, then celebrate Holy Week by sharing their lists of the best films about new life and transcendence.

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E. Stephen Burnett joins Brad and Drew to talk about the critical response to Disney's latest iteration of Cinderella.

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Recorded live at the 2015 Calvin College Festival of Faith & Music, Nick Rynerson sits down with cultural scholar James Mumford to talk about the benefits and joys of loving our neighbor by appreciating their music.

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