Christ and Pop Culture

This week, Richard and Cray discuss the Ferguson non-indictment and evangelical reactions before Jared Oliphint joins the crew to talk about some dubious spiritual tweeting habits from Christians. We also discuss the futility of trying to come to terms with Bill Cosby in the midst of so many rape allegations that have surfaced, followed by a word on Thanksgiving and the Serial podcast.

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The Gray Havens join the show to talk about their EP, "Where Eyes Don't Go" and their approach to making music as Christians. We also talk about some unique ways that videogames are treating the war experience, the supposed satanic campaign by Monster energy drink, and a scientist's unpopular t-shirt.

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CAPC writer Brad Williams is joined by fellow staff writers Luke Harrington and Kara Bettis to discuss Michael Jordan as an idol, whether Clay Aiken is evidence that we're a society of losers, and the rise of the Christian faith in China.

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Staff writer S.D. Kelly is joined by fellow staff writers Valerie Dunham and Luke T. Harrington to discuss whether Brittany Maynard's high-profile advocacy (and execution of) a right-to-death tolerance will shift the debate any, how to acknowledge and honor the testimony of the underprivileged without pandering, and a new clock that disproves the notion that time is fixed.

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Staff writer Drew Dixon is joined by fellow staff writer Wade Bearden to discuss the way teenagers use cell phones and to double back on their INTERSTELLAR conversation now that it's out.

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CAPC writer Brad Williams is joined by fellow staff writers Luke Harrington and Kara Bettis to discuss how politics are covered these days, why athletes thank God in interviews, and when celebrities weigh in on important issues.

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Staff writer Drew Dixon is joined by fellow staff writers Nick Rynerson and Wade Bearden to discuss the feminist values of cartoon princesses and the upcoming Christopher Nolan flick.

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