Christ and Pop Culture

Staff writer Drew Dixon is joined by fellow staff writers Nick Rynerson and Wade Bearden to discuss a Christian filmmaker's atypical "faith-based" movie that skewers evangelicals, Derek Jeter's farewell to baseball, and ESPN's decision to suspend Bill Simmons for criticizing Roger Goodell.

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CAPC contributor Brad Williams is joined by staff writers Luke Harrington and Kara Bettis to discuss the Satanic counter to Christian materials in school, the climate change march, and a "manly" church we want no part of.

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Associate editor Erin Straza is joined by staff writers S.D. Kelly and Valerie Dunham to discuss Emma Watson's speech on gender equality and the ugly response it's getting in some quarters, whether we should have sympathy for a baseball player caught with performance enhancing drugs, and the dynamics of friendships between Christians and non-Christians.

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Staff writer Drew Dixon is joined by staff writer Nick Rynerson and Barnabas Piper to talk about Barnabas's book, a new study that frames religious people as less than righteous, and whether Christians should stop watching football.

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Staff writer Drew Dixon is joined by staff writer Wade Bearden, friend of CAPC Brad Williams, and Creator Spotlight featured artist Aaron Belz to discuss Aaron's poetry, whether corporal discipline is always abusive, and the ramifications if Scotland becomes an independent nation.

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Editor-in-Chief Richard Clark is joined by associate editor Erin Straza and staff writer Nick Rynerson to talk about the dynamics of gaming as family members and Christians, book clubs for slow reading, and why the blah species of apples is the most popular. PLUS: a special announcement about the podcast.

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Staff writer Luke Harrington is joined by fellow staff writers S.D. Kelly and Kevin McLenithan to discuss a reality show based on hypothetical utopias, a war against women within gamer culture, and a call to end formula-shaming.

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Staff writer Wade Bearden friend of CAPC Brad Williams and staff writer Nathaniel Valle to discuss the growing animosity for Justin Bieber, remembering 9/11 and its affects, and a proudly Islamophobic editorial posted at Charisma News.

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Editor-in-Chief Richard Clark is joined by staff writer Nick Rynerson and Mockingbird's Director, David Zahl, to talk about all the good work Mockingbird is doing, U2's surprise, free release of an album, and Apple's keynote on the iWatch.

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Staff writer Luke Harrington is joined by fellow staff writers S.D. Kelly and Blake I. Collier to discuss the passing of comedian Joan Rivers, a substantial legal loss by a far-reaching campus ministry, and a new online cult?

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Staff writer Drew Dixon is joined by staff writer Wade Bearden and friend of CAPC Brad Williams to discuss the candy-stealing hermit from Maine, the PAX video game conference, and whether or not the media is making world news seem worse than it is.

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Associate editor Erin Straza is joined by staff writers Luke T. Harrington and Jewel Evans to talk about sharing music with our parents and the impact SNL's comedy has made on us for the last forty years.

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