Christ and Pop Culture

Justin Holcomb joins staff writer Drew Dixon, staff writer Hannah Anderson and friend of CAPC Brad Williams to discuss
Justin's book "Rid of My Disgrace," which is featured in the CAPC Members' Creator Spotlight, the poker champion who hates poker, and the Washington Redskins' offensive team name.

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Editor-in-Chief Richard Clark is joined by associate editor Erin Straza and staff writer Nick Rynerson to grumpily discuss different standards of sexual objectification in music and film, award winners, and people dumping ice-water on themselves for a good cause.

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Managing Editor Alan Noble is joined by staff writers Luke Harrington and S.D. Kelly to discuss the horrors of ISIS tactics, a courageous plagiarizer that stole a bunch of CAPC content, and Kevin Sorbo's belief that Hollywood needs more "moral" movies if it wants to survive.

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Staff writer Wade Bearden is joined by friend of CAPC Brad Williams to discuss how the college experience affects our faith, the fatal altercation between Tony Stewart and a driver, and picking which horrible thing to complain about the loudest.

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Editor-in-Chief Richard Clark is joined by associate editor Erin Straza and staff writer Kara Bettis to talk about the shooting of Michael Brown and ongoing unrest in Ferguson, MO, specifically what the evangelical church's response has been and should be. Note: I was only at the demonstration site when things were peaceful--we headed home late Friday evening thinking things would continue to be calm from the day before, but there was an outbreak of violence soon after we left. So I can't add any insight as to the true balance of rioting and police instigation.

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Associate Editor Tyler Glodjo is joined by staff writers Luke Harrington and Blake I. Collier to discuss the upcoming Dungeons and Dragons movie scripted from one of Jack Chick's tracts, a video game about depression, and how to navigate the ways in which culture changes you.

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Staff writer Drew Dixon is joined by staff writer Wade Bearden and friends of CAPC, Brad Williams and Bradford William Davis, to discuss the contentious situation in Ferguson, MO, a new reality show about blind marriage, and listicles designed to police faux pas.

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Associate editor Erin Straza is joined by staff writers Nick Rynerson and Hannah Anderson to react to Robin Williams' apparent suicide, the practice of bribing children to memorize poetry and/or Scripture, and the ice bucket challenge for ALS awareness.

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Managing Editor Alan Noble is joined by staff writers Luke Harrington and S.D. Kelly to discuss whether a board game that brings Scripture into play is irreverent and whether romantic comedies are dead.

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Staff writer Drew Dixon is joined by staff writer Wade Bearden and friend of CAPC Brad Williams to discuss high-profile trolling by Ann Coulter, undercover trolling on Reddit, and Stephen Colbert outbidding Sarah Palin for her website.

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Editor-in-Chief Richard Clark is joined by associate editor Erin Straza and staff writer Nick Rynerson to talk about the "opportunity" that a quality (?) Left Behind movie presents, the proper reaction to a worship singer's doubts, and a movie about hypothetical ultra-brain power.

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Managing Editor Alan Noble is joined by staff writers Luke Harrington and S.D. Kelly to discuss whether we are on the brink of a civil war, why 50 Shades of Grey is so popular, and the practice of internet evangelism.

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Staff writer Wade Bearden and friends of CAPC, Brad Williams and Gina Dalfonzo, to discuss why the critical consensus doesn't effect the commercial success of movies like TRANSFORMERS, a female duo challenging tropes within country music, and a touching moment for a son and his deceased dad made possible by a video game.

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