Christ and Pop Culture

Well-rested Managing Editor Alan Noble is joined by staff writers Luke Harrington and S.D. Kelly to discuss whether Barbie developments are a big deal for good or bad, and questions of contemporary racism following the Washington "Redskins" having their trademark stripped in court.

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Staff writer Drew Dixon is joined by friend of CAPC Brad Williams to discuss soccer's flagrant biter and the alarming disappearance of the honey bee.

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Editor-in-Chief Richard Clark is joined by associate editor Erin Straza and friend of CAPC Karen Swallow Prior to talk about the dark themes of Lana Del Ray's music, the practice of shaming kids who act up online, and the trend of propping a corpse outside of the casket for the deceased's funeral.

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Associate editor Tyler Glodjo is joined by staff writers Luke Harrington and S.D. Kelly to discuss whether an app that just says "Yo," is just stupid, the warped sentimentality in art marketed to Chrisitans, and a satirical look at the modesty protocol that women are commonly held to in the church.

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Staff writer Drew Dixon is joined by staff writer Wade Bearden and friend of CAPC Brad Williams to discuss chanting "U-S-A!" during the World Cup, a film trope that limits female characters' impact, and the ongoing messes in Iraq and Syria.

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Editor-in-Chief Richard Clark is joined by associate editor Erin Straza and staff writer Nick Rynerson to talk about the state of video game developments as signaled at E3, the appropriateness of serving the poor with flashy methodology, and what the Facebook personality test really tells us about ourselves. Plus, a blooper reel from our first 50 episodes.

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Staff writer Drew Dixon is joined by friend of CAPC Gina Dalfonzo and staff writer Luke T. Harrington to discuss the World Cup, whether adults should avoid reading young adult literature, and what the Onion's Clickhole site says about clickbait.

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Editor-in-Chief Richard Clark and associate editor Tyler Glodjo welcome special guest Greg Forster to discuss some of the topics covered in Greg's book, Joy For The World, which is currently featured in our Creator Spotlight for members.

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Managing Editor Alan Noble is joined by associate editor Erin Straza and friend of CAPC Bradford Davis to discuss the difficulties inherent in appropriately responding to tragic shootings, whether pastors should be held to a rigid standard for plagiarism, and why sports fans love to hate LeBron James.

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Staff writer Drew Dixon is joined by staff writer James Hoskins and administrative editor Jennifer Clark to discuss a Christian reality dating show, the propriety of a devotional Bible put out by the famous Robertson family, and the disturbing historical revelations surrounding a Catholic home for unwed mothers.

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Editor-in-Chief Richard Clark is joined by staff writers Dan Crabtree and Hannah Anderson to discuss how the video game violence discussion has shifted since Mortal Kombat was first released, the implications of a tie at the Spelling Bee championships, and the old, offensive emails of Snapchat's CEO that have come back to haunt him.

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Managing Editor Alan Noble is joined by staff writers Derek Rishmawy, Luke T. Harrington, and S.D. Kelly to discuss Abercrombie and Fitch toning down their "night club" vibe out for business reasons, why we are tempted to act like we've read and seen everything, and what to make of the Left Behind remake.

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