Christ and Pop Culture

Staff writer Drew Dixon is joined by staff writers Luke T. Harrington and Wade Bearden to discuss whether escapist entertainment should be left alone by gospel considerations, the increasing pressures to be productive at all times, and the spiritual battle lines Ken Hamm is drawing around young earth creationism.

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Editor-in-Chief Richard  is joined by friend of CAPC, Patrick Stafford, and staff writers Luke T. Harrington and Dawn Cheri Araujo to discuss a potential remedy for multiplayer video game bullying, listening to the #YesAllWomen tweets, and whether the push to expand trigger warnings outside of the blog realm is necessary.

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Managing Editor Alan Noble is joined by staff writer Amber Stamper and associate editor  Erin Straza to discuss what the bestselling Christian books tell us about the church, the pragmatic stakes with an abortion waiting period law in Missouri, and the how to best title an online article.

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Staff writer Drew Dixon is joined by associate editor  Martyn Jones and friend of CAPC Gina Dalfonzo to discuss an optimistic take on divorce statistics, the downward spiral of a once-famous member of a Christian metalcore band, and whether introverts are taking over the world (wide web).


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Editor-in-Chief Richard Clark is joined by staff writer Nick Rynerson and friend of CAPC Brad Williams to discuss what we can get out of summer blockbusters, BuzzFeed's intentional blend of silly and serious content, and the necessities and drawbacks of a 9/11 memorial.

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Managing Editor Alan Noble is joined by staff writer Derek Rishmawy to discuss the ramifications of the home pages of online news sites fading away, as well as a theoretical alien baptism discussion.

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Staff writer Drew Dixon is joined by administrative editor Jennifer Clark and staff writer Ethan McCarthy to discuss teenage guys bidding on and picking which girl they take to prom, a delicate situation for the Pope's planned visit to a cherished Middle Eastern locale, and the gathering of Insane Clown Posse fans and other proliferating subcultures.

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Editor-in-Chief Richard Clark is joined by staff writer Nick Rynerson and Jay Tholen, featured on our current Creator Spotlight,  to discuss Jay's projects including a video game about a clown dealing with rejection, our unhealthy, unreciprocated love/hate relationships with celebrities, and a filmmaker having a direct impact on the release of a confessed murderer from prison.

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Associate editor Tyler Glodjo is joined by friend of CAPC Bradford William Davis and staff writer Kevin McLenithan to mourn the hopefully temporary death of "Community," ask whether Dr. Dre getting richer is an empty achievement for hip hop, and get hyped about the potential Larry Wilmore has in succeeding Stephen Colbert on Comedy Central.

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Staff writer Drew Dixon is joined by friend of CAPC Brad Williams and staff writer Nick Rynerson to discuss a patron member's question about the usefulness of playing games in the life of Christians, a man imprisoned 13 years after his sentence was given and then bungled, and whether we should be threatened by satanic statues sharing public space with Christian monuments.

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Editor-in-Chief Richard Clark is joined by friend of CAPC Brad Williams, staff writer Dan Crabtree, and Jeremy Writebol to discuss Jeremy's book, "everPresent," why parents end up working too much for high school and college grads still at home, and whether #blessed is irredeemable.

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Managing Editor Alan Noble is joined by staff writers Derek Rishmawy, Kevin McLenithan and Wade Bearden to discuss hoping for the best from Rob Bell's new show, whether Christian films as a genre are a bad idea, and if moviegoers are starting to favor storytelling over special effects.

Staff writer Drew Dixon is joined by friend of CAPC Brad Williams and staff writer Luke T. Harrington to discuss a Kill Screen back issue from our membership pack, "The Shack" getting a film treatment, and creepy Facebook Ads.

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