Christ and Pop Culture

Editor-in-Chief Richard Clark is joined by associate editor Tyler Glodjo and staff writer Dawn Cheri Araujo to discuss our new membership program at CAPC, rampant sexism in gamers' behavior and game design, and McDonald's bland re-branding efforts.

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Editor-in-Chief Richard Clark is joined by staff writer Amber Stamper and friend of CAPC Hannah Anderson to discuss the horrible E.T. game that has been unearthed, cultural pressures against dads taking time off to be with their babies, and the motivations for choosing what to wear to church.

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Podcast Producer Cray Allred is joined by staff writer Nick Rynerson and friends of CAPC, Gina Dalfonzo and D.L. Mayfield, to discuss Doug Wilson's assertion that Doug Phillips' alleged sexual abuse victim cannot possibly be a victim, Defines Rape Victims, evangelizing with guns, and a new partnership between HBO and Amazon Prime.

Editor-in-Chief Richard Clark is joined by staff writer Dan Crabtree and friend of CAPC Brad Williams to decide whether their fashion sense qualifies as "normcore," wonder where the cowardice that drove a ferry crew to abandon its teenage passengers came from, and debate whether the promoters of the new X-Men movie have written an evangelical plotline into their character "Bob Bell."


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Podcast Producer Cray Allred is joined by Staff Writer Drew Dixon and our friend Ethan McCarthy to discuss remembering Boston Marathon bombing, Focus on the Family's attempt to trump an LGBT day of silence, and trying to be optimists about pop music.

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Editor-in-Chief Richard Clark is joined by Staff Writer Dawn Cheri Araujo and Associate Editor Tyler Glodjo to discuss the problems that come with trying to guess plot, whether Kim Kardashian's recent expressions of faith are noteworthy, and the value of installing a jarring statue of Jesus to call attention to the poor.

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Managing Editor Alan Noble is joined by Associate Editor Erin Straza and Staff Writer Derek Rishmawy to discuss the actual relevance of an old text that references a wife of Jesus, the overlap between sexual purity ideals and biblical holiness, and how the online world encourages and enable invasive lust on a massive scale.

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Editor in Chief Richard Clark is joined by staff writer Derek Rishmawy and Dan Darling from the ERLC  to discuss the new cultural context Christians find themselves in today, and our opportunities to engage with others wisely.

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Podcast producer Cray Allred is joined by staff writers Nick Rynerson and Luke T. Harrington to discuss the release of a lost Johnny Cash album, the 20th anniversary of Kurt Cobain's death, and George Bush's humble gallery featuring his own paintings.

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Associate Editor Tyler Glodjo is joined by Staff Writer James Hoskins and Staff Writer Kevin McLenithan to discuss the effect mobile technology has on spirituality, whether the Christian celebrity culture's influence on the conference circuit is a problem, and where to draw the line between good humor and sacrilege.

Associate Editor Martyn Jones is joined by CAPC contributor Brad Williams and myself to discuss the ACLU defying stereotype in taking up a Christian boy's legal case,  Cee-Lo Green leaving The Voice amid sexual assault charges, and a congressional scandal involving vampire role-play.

Editor-in-Chief Richard Clark is joined by staff writers Dawn Cheri Araujo and Luke T. Harrington to discuss whether April Fools' Day pranks can go too far, if #cancelcolbert is an overreaction of political correctness, and Pope Francis's latest act of humility.

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