Christ and Pop Culture

Managing Editor Alan Noble is joined by staff writer Amber Stamper to discuss how we should be wary of reading with a hermeneutic of suspicion, and how screen time studies aren't great at capturing the different varieties of screen time children experience, but are great at inducing parental guilt.

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Cray Allred is joined by staff writer Dan Crabtree and friend of CAPC, D.L. Mayfield, to discuss the World Vision fiasco and farewell tour, whether the xkcd format makes sense in print, and a healthy example of consent in the YA realm.

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Our Editor-in-Chief, Richard Clark, wrapped up last week's Game Developers Conference in person with Drew Dixon, Patrick Stafford, and Kevin Schut. They discussed how playing games impacts their own faith, how the medium's evolution is conducive to a more rich treatment of spiritual themes, and why videogames are relevant even to non-gamers.

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Managing Editor Alan Noble is joined by Erin Straza and Kevin McLenithan to discuss what evangelicals can do about the church's black sheep like Westboro Baptist, whether Frozen's success is indicative of a new direction for Disney, and Kevin Trudeau's effective, criminal lies about miracle cures.

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Cray Allred is joined by CAPC editors Jennifer Clark and Tyler Glodjo to discuss the growing Christian apprehension to the unreleased Noah film, J.K. Rowling's latest editions to the Harry Potter canon, and what in the world we are to do with Mark Driscoll's leaked apology.

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Alan Noble is joined by Ethan McCarthy and Cray Allred to discuss Rachel Held-Evans' post attributing church sex abuse to a lack of egalitarianism, Lady GaGa's insistence that there is creative freedom in corporate sponsorships, and the communal joys of March Madness.

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Cray Allred is joined by Gina Dalfonzo and Dawn Cheri Araujo to discuss the piling on of Justin Bieber, Bill Gothard's resignation over sexual assault allegations, and a study showing the more young women prefer a down payment on a mortgage to an expensive engagement ring.

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Richard Clark is joined by Nick Rynerson and Kara Bettis to discuss the second season of "House of Cards." They talk power, evil, the binge-format, and even religious sparks in the show. Spoilers ensue. 

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Alan Noble is joined by Luke T. Harrington and Hannah Anderson to discuss whether "Just Showing Up" is something we should reward our kids for, question the wisdom of performing a fake persecution stunt to market a church event, and whether the crowd-sourced "Average Barbie" is really all that helpful.

I'm joined by Nick Rynerson and Kevin McLenithan to re-evaluate our mockery of T-Pain, wade through some difficulties in watching films with gruesome subject matter, and react to the revelation that marketing played a hand in the record-setting group selfie at the Oscars.

I'm joined by Brad Williams and Tyler Glodjo weigh Stephen Colbert's approach to speaking truth to power, to worry about the Ukraine, wonder if Kickstarter is special, and worry about Ukraine.

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Richard is joined by Kevin McLenithan and Nick Olson to talk at length about the Oscars--the films and performances recognized, some notable speeches, and everything else about the ceremony.

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