Christ and Pop Culture

Richard, Martyn, and Dan wonder what they would do if they found gold coins worth millions of dollars like the couple in California did, whether TV shows are supplanting the novel, and why Hearthstone is so fun and/or addictive.


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Today, Richard is joined by Brad and myself to discuss the revived, more complicated tale of Tonya Harding, the death of a notable snake-handling preacher, and an ignorant debate over a 10 Commandments display in the Alabama legislature.


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Today, Cray gets the scoop on the newly launched Christ and Pop Culture site from Editor-in-Chief Richard Clark and Managing Editor Alan Noble. Richard and Alan also discuss CAPC's beginnings, how the site has grown over the last seven years, and their hopes for the future.

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Today, Editor-in-Chief Richard Clark is joined by Staff Writers Brad Williams and Nick Rynerson to discuss the mysteries of what goes inside the now-recalled Hot Pockets, Steven Furtick's bad look at Elevation Church, and the new Beats Music app.

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On today's episode, Richard, Kevin, and Tyler discuss Jimmy Fallon's "The Tonight Show" start and authenticity in the new era of late night, why The LEGO Movie is resonating so well, and fanboys' unfair expectations for creators. 
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We discuss the Michael Dunn trial, whether or not the guy-pursues-girl romantic comedy tropes are harmful, and all the whining about the NBA All-Star Dunk Contest. 



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On our first episode for the Christ and Pop Culture Podcast relaunch, we discuss Facebook's new array of gender options, corruption and Christian response in Sochi, and the canceled George Zimmerman boxing match.

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