Christ and Pop Culture

Jonathan is back, along with special guests Erin Straza, Luke T. Harrington, Tyler Burns, and newcomer Kaitlyn Schuss sit down for a marathon recording session to finalize the CaPC 25 for 2017. The pop culture events, people, movies, TV shows, albums, and more that defined 2017 in ways that reflected the good, the true, and the beautiful are molded into near final form in this two part extravaganza!

In Part 1, the panel has napped, been caffeinated, and then takes the list of nominations from our writer's group and decides amongst themselves which of the nominations are indeed deserving of inclusion. Wild cards will be brought in, nominations that didn't receive enough backing to make it onto the list are considered, and a the unthinkable happens when Jonathan attempts to remove Kendrick Lamar from the list!

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