Christ and Pop Culture

The guys lean into the rule of threes with this week's pair of films. First up is Triple Frontier, the first collaboration between director J.C. Chandor (All Is Lost), screenwriter Mark Boal (Zero Dark Thirty), and Netflix. Is this film's story of U.S. Army veterans turned heist thieves in South America successful? Wade and Kevin then take a look at the new film from Iranian master Jafar Panahi, 3 Faces. Panahi's penchant for metafictional gamesmanship is well established; how does his latest fit into that phase of his career?

Music interlude by Joey Pecoraro, "Novice Juggler." Used under Creative Commons license 3.0.

Theme music by Alexander Osborn and Lindsey Mysse. Used under Creative Commons license 3.0.

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