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Have you ever felt that you are judged by your language? Is it fair to judge others by their command of the English language? For those steeped in proper language usage, poor speech is almost painful to the ear. Mismatched subjects and verbs, dangling participles, incorrect word choice—all these prompt the most discerning to make judgments about the person’s intellect or ability. However, the way a person talks tells us much about his or her country of origin, background, education, and personality. Do we need to have such strict standards of speech as long as the messages we communicate are clear? And if the grammar police have their way, would that strip out the very distinctions that make us individuals? Erin Straza and Hannah Anderson tackle such questions in this ounce of Persuasion fast chat. Although it is tempting to judge people by their language, doing so isn’t without cost. Those who love language can ease their frustration by extending grace to others and holding loosely to proper speech that is always evolving.

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