Christ and Pop Culture

Does social class affect the Body of Christ? That’s the question Erin Straza and Hannah Anderson address in this episode of Persuasion. In a previous conversation, class divides were discussed in regard to society as a whole and how social constructs keep us in our place largely through fear of shame and general ignorance in navigating unfamiliar social situations. What’s true for society at large is also true for our Christian sub-culture. Even within the Church, where unity is the goal, class divides us. Leadership and discipleship is shaped and geared toward upper-class tastes—primarily because of the dollars that are funding these packaged expectations for pursuing spiritual formation. What do we lose when the Haves in the Church are functioning a part from the Have-Nots? Where do you see social barriers negatively impacting the Body of Christ and our Kingdom calling? In what ways do our learned social behaviors send the message that outsiders are not welcome in our church community? Listen in to all these questions and more, and then continue the conversation on Twitter @PersuasionCAPC or in the CAPC members-only community on Facebook. Be sure to answer our question of the day: Where do you see class divides at work in the church?

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